Does IT play an integral role in your collections operations? If not, your company’s productivity is likely to suffer.

Intentional or not, the various departments within your organization may fall back on operating within functional silos.  When that happens, redundancies occur that lead to weakened productivity. IT, in particular, must act as an integrated, company-wide solution.

IT departments must understand the full scope of how technology is used in the collections process. Once they have a better grasp of the collector’s technology needs, they often can provide a solution to improve processes and productivity.

Integrating IT and operations enables your company to strengthen the connections that lead to maximum productivity. Here’s how:


What happens on the collection floor doesn’t necessarily need to stay on the collection floor. Training opportunities across functions can provide IT resources with a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced daily by collections. That greater level of understanding can also help to encourage IT to critically assess common problems, and develop innovative solutions.


IT can provide the resources to allow functions to work together more effectively. Integrating collaborative resources for IT and Operational projects improves communication. When there’s more communication, outcomes typically improve.


Augmenting  your IT staff, even temporarily, with experts who possess both receivables management IT and Operations experience can jump start the process and achieve dramatic results in a short period of time. One key to success is to focus top talent on process improvement and out of daily, urgent tasks. Augmenting your team with external experts can enable the appropriate level of focus while still maintaining daily operations.

TECH LOCK, a RevSpring company, can help integrate IT and Operations to improve processes, productivity and your bottom line. Many of TECH LOCK’s IT experts have highly successful track records in receivables management operations and technology. For more information about how TECH LOCK’s Managed IT Services can help your organization’s bottom line, please email us at

Integrating IT with your collections operations leads to improved operations and profits. And in this competitive environment, no organization can afford not to take advantage of every possible improvement strategy.

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