Halloween’s a weird day in the Midwest. It’s not just because the corn subsidy circle of life begins anew as little kids shove high-fructose candy down their throats. The process is a bit more complicated, especially in my hometown of St. Louis, Mo.

In a custom that’s foreign to the rest of the country (I checked), children growing up in St. Louis had to have tricks up their sleeve when trick-or-treating. Specifically, kids would be asked to tell a joke to the adult who answers the door. Everyone pretends to laugh, and everyone eventually doles out candy, but I remember the process being overly intimidating. What do you mean; I have to earn my candy? Why do I have to entertain you? Gimme!

So I’ve decided to pass this bizarre childhood custom on to you. In two weeks, our brand-new insideCompliance webinar series kicks off with Translating TCPA for Debt Collectors. It’s crucial for the debt collection industry to understand what TCPA does, and how the courts have interpreted the law in terms of what collectors can and can’t do. This 60-minute webinar gives you the latest “news you can use” about TCPA compliance to do just that. That’s the “treat.”

The “trick” is that I want you to leave me your best joke in the comments. I’ll pick the best one, and the winner will get to attend the webinar for free on November 14. Already registered? Great; if you win, you’ll get a full refund. Please try to stick to jokes an 8-year old could tell a kindly adult stranger without making them blush.

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