The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Office of Consumer Response sent a notice today to those registered as their company’s point of contact (Company POC), explaining that they are changing the way they distribute “Daily Digest” reports.

According to the notice,

“As part of our continued work to make the CFPB Company Portal more useful to companies, Consumer Response is refreshing the distribution list for “Daily Digest” reports. Daily Digests are three separate email reports that contain details on new complaints posted in the “Active” or “Under review” tabs or when an attachment has been added to an existing complaint.

Consumer Response sends Daily Digest reports to companies as a service to companies. Some companies use the Daily Digest reports to help manage consumer complaints in the CFPB Company Portal. Other companies have shared with us that they do not use or want Daily Digest emails.

Beginning August 1, 2016, CFPB Consumer Response will only deliver Daily Digest emails to companies that opt-in and request to receive them. If you want to receive Daily Digest emails after August 1, 2016, you must opt-in by “Submitting a Ticket” on the “Help Tab” in the CFPB Company Portal. Beginning on August 1, 2016, Daily Digest reports will only be sent to companies that have opted-in by “Submitting a Ticket.”

If you are the POC for your firm and find the Daily Digest reports useful, be sure to opt-in before August 1.


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