ROCKVILLE, Md. - insideARM, LLC (insideARM) announces today that on May 8, 2017 it received official certification as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE). insideARM underwent the rigorous WBE certification process over the past several months and was awarded official certification by NWBOC as woman owned and woman controlled business. 

Companies receiving this certification must be at least 51 percent owned, managed, and independently controlled by women. The decision was made per the standards and procedures of the National Women Business Owners Corporation, the first national certifier of women business enterprises. 

Per the NWBOC website:

“By law, majority ownership means at least 51 percent. Also by law, but perhaps less exact, is the concept of business control. A woman, minority or veteran has control of the business if she/he is the final decision maker or has delegated that authority to an employee, manager or partial owner. This control spans all aspects of business management including financial, production and contractual.

Most publicly-held and large private corporations track and/or have programs for doing business with women, minority and veteran business owners. In addition, the majority of local, state, and federal government agencies engage in supplier diversity initiatives. Having a certification is the only way purchasing agents can be confident a business is in fact woman, minority or veteran-owned and operated.

Certifications are obtained by meeting the necessary criteria as outlined in NWBOC’s Standards and Procedures.  Applicants are asked to provide detailed business information along with supporting documents. Once all documentation has been processed, a reviewer will facilitate a site visit to the applicant’s place of business.”

Stephanie Eidelman, insideARM owner and CEO said: 

“insideARM is proud to have earned this designation. I hope that our WBE certification can help some of our current clients reach their supplier and spending diversity goals. I also hope that WBE certification might allow us to work with other companies that have the desire to do business with certified women-owned firms. 

Most people only know insideARM from our daily newsletter for the ARM industry.  However, the company is involved in many related initiatives, including: the Compliance Professionals Forum, the First Party Summit, the One-to-One Appointments Forum, the Consumer Relations Consortium, and the Innovation Council.” 

About insideARM, LLC 

insideARM, LLC, headquartered in Rockville, MD is a media company that specializes in providing context, insight, and practical information to the complex debt industry. With its long history as an innovator, the company has grown from its inception as publisher of a daily newsletter to one that influences the industry at the highest level. Our initiatives bring a range of stakeholders to the table in a candid environment to inform, to build a culture of compliance, to address industry challenges, and to make profitable connections. 

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