CAMAS, Wash. -- The Intelitech Group, a leading consulting and business analytics provider in the Accounts Recovery industry, has begun offering their Collector Training solution, StackUp™, to recovery organizations through the end of June 2020 to assist with COVID-19 related issued.  StackUp has been modified to address many of the problems agencies are dealing with as a result of the pandemic.

“We’ve been receiving a good amount of feedback from recovery organizations with the struggles they are going through and wanted to help.” Said Bryan Houston, Managing Partner at The Intelitech Group. “StackUp seemed like a good fit of something we could offer to help with COVID-19 as it’s already setup for training.” Continued Houston.

StackUp is Intelitech’s latest training solution that utilizes gamification providing an enjoyable way for collectors to be educated on topics like industry changes, communications, compliance, as well as industry regulations such as HIPAA, TCPA, FDCPA, GBLA and additional CFPB topics.

In order to receive the offer, organizations will need to insert a promotional code during the setup process, which is available on Intelitech’s StackUp landing page.


About the Intelitech Group

The Intelitech Group™, a pioneer in delivering account scoring and segmentation to the ARM industry since 1999, provides consulting and technology solutions to help agencies work smarter to achieve optimal results. Leveraging industry expertise and market intelligence with machine-learning, The Intelitech Group brings extensive knowledge, insights and practical tools to help agencies delve deep into all facets of the organization to measure, analyze and implement results-oriented solutions. For additional information, visit

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