AKRON, Ohio -- Debt Sales Partners announced today that its website which initially launched over twenty years ago has been completely updated and is now live at www.debtsales.us.

 “Twenty-years ago our proprietary software drove the first 100% Internet based sale and it was groundbreaking for our industry. Technology has certainly evolved since then and we wanted to make sure we continued to stay ahead of the curve with our updated platform,”  said Debt Sales Partners President and founder, Michael Zoldan.

The website now details the expanded range of services Debt Sales Partners offers the industry. Over the past twenty years Debt Sales Partners or “DSP” has worked directly with buyers and sellers to identify additional needs for the receivables management business.  

After successfully entering the brokerage business, DSP developed a strategy of identifying ways to tailor existing services to each client’s unique needs. “Our complete suite of services is now detailed at our redesigned website making it easier to see what we can do and how we can partner for success,” concluded Zoldan.


About Debt Sales Partners

Debt Sales Partners based in Akron, Ohio provides brokerage, data scrubbing and many other ancillary services to the Receivables Management industry at www.debtsales.us. The nation's largest creditors and debt buyers have relied on their technology since 1999.

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