On June 7, 2021, the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) submitted a comment to the Notice of Proposed Rule Making issued by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) on April 23, 2021, regarding California’s licensing and application requirements. The CRC focused its comment on the definition of “Branch office” and asked the DFPI to clarify that an employee may work from home without the need for a “Branch office” license so long as specific operational and security criteria are met.

In support of its comment, the CRC cited a similar regulation in Maryland and pointed out that allowing employees to work from home is beneficial to both the industry and consumers. Notably, the Maryland regulation is not tied to a public health crisis. Instead, it allows collections employees to work from home so long as specifically laid out data and operational requirements are met. The CRC provided a copy of the Maryland regulation to the DFPI as a potential guide for updating the DFPI’s current definition of “Branch office.”


The CRC further explained in its comments that allowing employees to work from home benefits consumers by enabling accounts receivable entities to retain quality workers and hire the best people regardless of their geographic proximity to a call center.  Additionally, among other positive impacts, this model benefits the industry by increasing employment opportunities and providing employees greater job satisfaction, which results in a lower turnover rate.

The complete comment submitted by the CRC can be found here.

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