Debt collectors are regulated by the FTC on the federal level. At the state level, attorneys general are typically responsible for enforcing state and federal laws. A few local governments also separately regulate debt collectors. The laws that govern the ARM industry are civil, meaning that liability is almost always monetary. So a state’s attorney general will not file criminal charges against a debt collector accused of violating the law, rather, he/she will sue for damages. Collection laws include federal and state statutes that govern the proper operation of companies and personnel that work in the debt collection industry. The most comprehensive collection law is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Other federal laws that collectors must follow include the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the data security requirements of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA).

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Framing the Discussion of the Role of Consumer Financial Services

22 February 2021

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Is This the End of Credit Reporting for Debt Collectors?

18 February 2021

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Calling Balls and Strike on the Debt Collection Rule

8 February 2021

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CFPB Acting Director Asks Markets Group to Look into Pausing Debt Collection Rule

5 February 2021

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“You Hurt My Feelings!” An Examination of Emotional Distress Damages under the FDCPA

2 February 2021

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Who Regulates The Regulators? Ed Perlmutter – A New ARM Influencer

1 February 2021

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California’s Version of the CFPB Is Investigating a Dozen Debt Collectors —And This is Just the Start

1 February 2021

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Limited Content Messages And Your Company’s Name

27 January 2021

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Unwritten TCPA Policies Don’t Cut It, Court Certifies $100MM TCPA Class Action Regarding Faxes Sent in 2011

26 January 2021

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Maryland Regulator Issues Work From Home Guidance for Licensees

25 January 2021

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Mass. Releases Webinar on Examination and Legislation Strategy for Debt Collectors

21 January 2021

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The Tides are Turning: Recent Trends in FDCPA Standing

13 January 2021

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The Battle is Over: ACA International v. Mass. AG COVID-19 Collection Call Ban Lawsuit Dismissed

13 January 2021

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Court Denies Summary Judgment to Law Firm Collecting Debt Using LiveVox

12 January 2021

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CFPB Taskforce Report (Part 2): The 19 Focus Areas and 102 Recommendations of Volume 2

7 January 2021

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CFPB Taskforce Report (Part 1): A Deep Dive Into the 4 Main Debt Collection-Related Topics of Volume 1

6 January 2021

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A Review of 2020 FDCPA and TCPA Opinions from the Second Circuit

5 January 2021

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California's Mini-CFPB and Expanded Consumer Protection Laws Are Here

5 January 2021

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2020 Collections-Related Case Law Year in Review

17 December 2020

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The Button is Back – California AG Issues Fourth Set of Proposed Mods to CCPA Regs

17 December 2020