With identity theft a widespread issue in the financial services industry, banks and ARM companies are under increased pressure to ensure consumers’ sensitive identification, contact, and financial information is kept safe. In fact, a number of recent state and federal laws and regulations codify certain requirements for handling financial data. Firms in the ARM industry must adhere to a host of standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the financial privacy and safeguards rules in the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), the FTC’s Red Flags Rule for identity theft, information security standard ISO 27002, HIPAA and the HITECH Act for the healthcare sector, and the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) for those collecting on government contracts. Auditing standard SAS 70 is also required for many in the financial services industry that use outside vendors such as debt collection agencies.

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CRC to FTC: Focus on Existing Laws not Creating Overlapping Regs

1 December 2022

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FTC Extends Deadline for Updated Safeguards Rule by Six Months

23 November 2022

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Third Circuit: Risk of Future Harm from Data Breach Enough for Article III Standing

1 November 2022

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White House Issues Blue Print for AI Bill of Rights

26 October 2022

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Credit Eco to Go: Fairness as a Service [Podcast]

7 September 2022

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UDAAP Frenzy: The CFPB’s Focus on Data and Why it Matters to the ARM Industry

30 August 2022

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FTC Seeks Input for Potential Data Privacy and Security Rulemaking

23 August 2022

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CFPB Warns Failure to Safeguard Consumer Data May Be Unfair Act or Practice

15 August 2022

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You Can't Avoid a Data Breach - Three Ways to Prepare for the Inevitable

23 June 2022

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Executive Q&A: A Conversation with Steve Akers, CSO/CTO of TECH LOCK Inc.

2 June 2022

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Utah Speedily Becomes Fourth State to Enact Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

5 April 2022

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State Privacy Legislation Update: What’s New and What’s Ahead

15 March 2022

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Amendments to the GLBA Safeguards Rule: What’s New, What’s Not, and What’s Hot for Non-Banking Financial Institutions

1 March 2022

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2021 Review of State and Federal Data Privacy Legislation

12 January 2022

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Credit Eco To Go: Data, Data Everywhere...

7 December 2021

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11th Circuit Issues Substitute Opinion in Hunstein; Will Dissent provide Key for Defense Against Copycats?

29 October 2021

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Eastern District of New York Dismisses Six Hunstein Copy-Cat Cases; Questions Hunstein’s Viability After TransUnion

26 July 2021

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Colorado Enacts Comprehensive Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

14 July 2021

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Debt Collector in Hunstein Tells 11th Circuit that New SCOTUS Opinion Supports Request for Rehearing

28 June 2021

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California Updates: Privacy Protection Agency Holds First Meeting; DFPI issues FAQs regarding State Licensing; and DFPI Commissioner Steps Down

22 June 2021