Debt collection refers to the work done to recover balances from credit accounts that are past due. Most commonly, debt collection specifically references third party debt collectors whose clients include banks, credit card issuers and other credit grantors, debt buyers, governments, and any organization that extends credit or owns an account where a balance is due. Collection methods traditionally include phone calls from call center agents, e-mails, and letters, and increasingly, SMS text. If an account remains in arrears after these efforts, the collection agency may contract with a collection attorney to file suit to recover the debt, if the collection agency is not positioned to do so.

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A white computer keyboard with a large green key that says "Payment" [Image by creator ArtemSam from AdobeStock]

Moral of the Story: Web Payment Portals Need Time-Barred Debt Disclosures if Applicable

28 April 2020

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Who is the TCPA’s “Called Party” Anyway?: Collector Not Liable For Calls Forwarded to Plaintiff it Never Dialed

28 April 2020

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Minnesota Extends Guidance Allowing Collectors to Temporarily Work from Home

27 April 2020

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Washington State Enacts Legislation Targeting Consumer Debt Purchasers

27 April 2020

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RICO Claim Update: Navient Beats the Lohman Law Firm Again–Court Determines Crime/Fraud Exception Permits Disclosure

27 April 2020

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Receivables Industry Leaders Share COVID-19 Strategies, Successes, and Lessons Learned

23 April 2020

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Do You Have Insurance Coverage For Business Losses Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

22 April 2020

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ACA International Files Lawsuit Against Mass. AG Over Collection Ban

21 April 2020

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Roundup of New Pandemic-Related Debt Collection Guidance From the Past Week (WI, IL, WA, OH)

16 April 2020

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Three Key Challenges to Collecting Pre-Charge Off Debt

16 April 2020

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Consumer Groups Call for Cancellation of Federal Student Loan Debt as Part of Pandemic Relief

14 April 2020

A binder that says "Guidelines" on the spine sitting on a desk with a pen, calculator, and open binder [Image by creator DOC RABE Media from AdobeStock]

Navigating the Crisis: What ARM Agencies Must Do to Stay on Course and Compliant

13 April 2020

 [Image by creator Frank Fennema from AdobeStock]

Trap for the Unwary: Express Consent under the TCPA May not be Consent under the FDCPA

13 April 2020

A judge's gavel sitting on a pile of cash [Image by creator Pakhnyushchyy from AdobeStock]

If Consumer Doesn't Dispute, Creditor Can Also Assume Debt is Valid, Says M.D. Florida (Citing 11th Cir. Case that Already Disposed of the Issue)

9 April 2020

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Ugly TCPA Conspiracy Case—Filed by Navient Against a Plaintiff's Attorney—Cleansed a Bit by Dismissing Counterclaims

9 April 2020

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DC Prohibits Outbound Collection Efforts Amid COVID-19

8 April 2020

 [Image by creator DOC RABE Media from AdobeStock]

Cordray Weighs In: Recommends Vigorous Oversight of Debt Collectors During and After COVID-19

6 April 2020

Image of road sign that says "Massachusetts Welcomes you" [Image by creator spiritofamerica from AdobeStock]

Massachusetts Releases FAQs About Its COVID-19 Guidance

6 April 2020

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Court Decisions" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

5th Cir. Holds No FDCPA Violation When Collection Letter Stated That Amount Due ‘May’ Increase

2 April 2020

Woman comforting a depressed man who is sitting at a desk looking at paperwork [Image by creator from AdobeStock]

The Consequence of Collection Bans: Student Loan Collection Agency Lays Off ~250 Employees After ED Directive

1 April 2020