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HFMA, ACA Release Final Medical Debt Resolution Best Practices

15 January 2014

Getting the Most from Your Pre-Admissions Process, Part 2

14 January 2014

Want to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Revenue? Try Empathy

9 January 2014

Obamacare: Five Revenue Trends You Can Take to the Bank

7 January 2014

Free Webinar: Four Pathways to Improved Patient Satisfaction

6 January 2014

Getting the Most from Your Pre-Admissions Process

2 January 2014

CFPB Orders CareCredit to Refund up to $34 Million

11 December 2013

As RACs Increase Denials and Record Requests, Hospitals Step Up Appeals

10 December 2013

Three Insights into RAC Redeterminations That Could Save You Future Headaches

4 December 2013

Massachusetts Offers Glimpse into the Future of Healthcare Accounts Receivable

25 November 2013

Three Signs Your Customer Service Is Killing Your Revenue Cycle

19 November 2013

ICD-10 Anyone? Becomes Cautionary Tale of a Project Done Wrong

15 November 2013

New York Attorney General Issues Consumer Alert on Potential Dangers of Medical Credit Cards

15 November 2013

Hospitals Paying Patient's Insurance Premiums--Is It the Right Thing to Do?

8 November 2013

Nine Qualities Every Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Accounts Receivable Management Partner Should Have

5 November 2013

Better Tell Patients to Wait Until Dec. 1 to Use

30 October 2013

HFMA Releases Final Best Practices for Patient Financial Communications

28 October 2013

3 Tips to Promote the New Health Insurance Exchanges for Your Indigent Population

28 October 2013

Health Insurance Exchanges Mean Increased Vigilance for Providers

21 October 2013

Three Ways to Be Sure Revenue Cycle Professionals Reach Their Patients

17 October 2013