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Collection Oversight Expanding from Coast to Coast: Calif.’s Mini-CFPB and N.Y.’s Debt Collector Licensing

16 January 2020

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2020: What’s on the Horizon for the Debt Collection Industry

6 January 2020

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RMAI Comments on Proposed California Consumer Privacy Act Regulations

17 December 2019

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CCPA Confusion Addressed by Commenters at Calif. AG's Public Hearing

4 December 2019

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Mass. AG Enters $4M Settlement with PRA for Allegedly Violating Consumer Protection Laws

11 November 2019

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New Calif. Law Removes Attorney Exemption from Rosenthal Act "Debt Collector" Definition

31 October 2019

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Calif. AG’s Proposed CCPA Regulations are Here, Along with Public Hearings and a Comment Period

14 October 2019

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California Governor Signs Robocall Legislation into Law

7 October 2019

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11th Cir. Holds Lender’s Forum Selection and Class Action Waiver Clauses Unenforceable

7 October 2019

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NYC Report Proposes Requiring Debt Collectors to Provide Better Services for Consumers with Limited English Proficiency

3 October 2019

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New Washington Debt Collection Law Requires Itemization Notice for Medical Debt

26 June 2019

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Texas Passes Debt Buyer Legislation Addressing Out-of-Statute Debt

6 June 2019

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Illinois State Appellate Court Upholds Dismissal of FDCPA and State Law Claims, Finds 4-Year UCC SOL Not Applicable to Credit Card Purchases

23 May 2019

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California State Legislature Advances Amendments to California Consumer Privacy Act

2 May 2019

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Breakdown of Four New Requirements for Collecting Medical Debt in the State of Washington

1 May 2019

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NYDFS Launches New "Powerhouse" Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division

30 April 2019

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California Assemblywoman Explores Creation of State-Level CFPB in Press Conference with Cordray

15 April 2019

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Consumer not Entitled to Appellate Attorney Fees if Benefit is Solely for Attorney, According to 11th Circuit

15 April 2019

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Third Party Vendor Oversight? Check. Transition Period Now Completed, NYDFS Cybersecurity Rules in Full Effect

25 March 2019

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In States Without Balance Billing Legislation, Patients Continue to See "Surprise" Invoices for Out-of-Network Providers

20 March 2019