Debt collectors work with universities, colleges and private lenders to collect student loans. For education loans backed by the federal government, the U.S. Department of Education has a clearly-defined collection program that uses private collection agencies. Recent changes in federal law will shift all previously federally backed loans to direct loans from the federal government, cutting private lenders out of the equation.

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TCPA Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Continue to Get Slapped Around in RICO Conspiracy Case

9 July 2020

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Behind the Scenes of Student Loan Payments During Covid-19

24 June 2020

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House Version of New Stimulus Package Proposes Debt Collectors Go Into Debt So Consumers Don't Have To

14 May 2020

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RICO Claim Update: Navient Beats the Lohman Law Firm Again–Court Determines Crime/Fraud Exception Permits Disclosure

27 April 2020

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Three Solutions to Help Defaulted Borrowers Under the CARES Act Provisions

15 April 2020

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Consumer Groups Call for Cancellation of Federal Student Loan Debt as Part of Pandemic Relief

14 April 2020

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Ugly TCPA Conspiracy Case—Filed by Navient Against a Plaintiff's Attorney—Cleansed a Bit by Dismissing Counterclaims

9 April 2020

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ED Suspends Student Debt Collection Due to COVID-19

25 March 2020

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New York Temporarily Halts Collection on Medical, Student Debt Owed to the State

18 March 2020

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Whitepaper on Debt Collection Released by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors

13 February 2020

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CFPB, ED Sued for Failure to Oversee Student Loan Servicers

26 November 2019

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Senators Demand CFPB Review Payment Processing Errors at Student Loan Servicer, Denials of Loan Forgiveness

30 October 2019

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A. Wayne Johnson Resigns from Dept of ED, Suggests All Student Loans Should Be Canceled

24 October 2019

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Lively Debt Collection Debate Likely in House Fin. Servs. Committee Hearing Tomorrow

25 September 2019

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CFPB Appoints Private Student Loan Ombudsma

19 August 2019

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No Unilateral Revocation of Bargained-For Consent, Says S.D. Florida in Student Loan TCPA Case

3 June 2019

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White House Issues Executive Order on Collection of Defaulted Federal Student Loans

27 March 2019

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iA Video Series: Ironing Out the Irony of ED's NextGen Strategy

27 March 2019

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Twin Bills To Alleviate Cost of Higher Education and Student Debt Introduced in House and Senate

11 March 2019

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Navient’s $2.5M TCPA Settlement Finalized

11 February 2019