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Welcome to the Research Assistant Collection Attorney monthly newsletter – a subscriber-only recap of the collections attorney monthly peer call. Don't miss out on the conversation and talking with your peers to help find solutions to your current challenges.

On 2/16/23, Research Assistant held its first Attorney Peer Call. This call provides an opportunity for collection litigation attorneys to discuss important topics and legal updates affecting our industry. On this first call, we spent some time level-setting and discussing the biggest challenges facing collections attorneys right now. Moving forward we plan on collaborating to find solutions to these issues, just like we do on our weekly peer group calls. 

Next Collection Attorney Peer group call: March 16, 2023. 2pm ET/11am PST

The diverse group of attorneys who attended shared insights and experiences on a range of topics, including difficult counterclaims, operational challenges, and staffing. There was also discussion on the overall view of the attorney’s role in the Accounts Receivable Management Industry.

First, we talked about what excited the participants about the call and what they hoped to get out of this forum. Some of the things highlighted were:

  • Law firm-specific issues

  • Having a dedicated call for attorney collaboration

  • An opportunity to discuss common problems, courts, judges, and clients

  • Exposure to the larger collections industry

We also deep-dived into handling counterclaims, including:

  • Pro se counterclaims

  • California “calling on a recorded line” suits

  • The increase in frivolous cross-complaints and counterclaims

  • Improper venue

  • Clients settling winnable counterclaims

Lastly, we talked about operational, employee, and client-related problems that firms are dealing with. Many voiced struggles with hiring and, to a lesser extent, yearly turnover. As client expectations continue to rise, some firms are feeling increased pressure on policies and procedures. But perhaps the biggest takeaway was the feeling that firms are now seen by clients as simply vendors, or service providers, rather than the subject matter experts they are.

Thanks again to those who joined us for our inaugural call and, if you weren’t able to make it this time, please join us next time to continue the discussion! Please email Sara at or Missy at with any questions or topics you would like to see discussed during our next call. We look forward to hearing from you!