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Whitepaper cover reads: Reduce Collection Call Costs with Voice AI: Compliant and Easy to Integrate with Skit.ai company logo [Image by creator  from ]  

Give consumers what they want.

88% of consumers expect self-service options from financial services companies. Collections agencies are no exception. Voice AI lets consumers take care of their delinquent accounts any time, anywhere, and without any human interaction. Plus, it reduces the cost-to-collect for agencies, and it majorly boosts account penetration. 

Learn how to integrate voice AI technology into your collections strategy now.

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Whitepaper cover text reads: A New Kind of Collections Strategy: Empowering Lenders Amid a Shifting Economic Landscape [Image by creator  from ]  

It's time to consider a new kind of collections strategy.

Collecting debt in today’s economic environment means meeting your borrowers where they are by preventing charge-offs, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving long-term retention. In this white paper from January, learn how data empowers lenders to do all of that and more.

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Text reads: Open the Door to SMS Communication for Debt Collection [Image by creator  from ]  

Trouble Texting? Clear the Carriers’ Hurdles.

Texting is a critical part of an effective debt collection strategy, but even after the green light from Reg F, carriers and aggregators are making it tough. Without some guidance, it could seem impossible to get your text messages delivered. In this video, presented by TCN, you’ll learn how to clear the hurdles presented by cell phone carriers and get your text messages delivered.

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Text reads: The State of Customer Outreach Top Ten Findings For Collections with an image of a person typing on a keyboard. [Image by creator  from ]  

Reach the right person the first time.

The first step to a good customer experience? Getting in contact with the right customer. It’s increasingly difficult to make a right-party contact in collections. That’s why collectors are engaging with technology vendors for solutions that leverage phone behavior intelligence and insights to help them reach the right customers on the first try. This whitepaper, presented by TransUnion, breaks down the tools and technologies collectors are using to reach the right person at the right time.

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