A major problem in the collections industry is that a fair amount of outdated, inaccurate or unverified data is often used to guide multi-million-dollar decisions. Using such data leads to myriad problems:

  • Pursuing the wrong accounts is time-consuming
  • Relying on poor data can lead to wasted court costs and effort 
  • Focusing on the wrong accounts results in missed opportunities 
In response to the industry’s need for more accurate and timely information, Unifund created Recovery Decision Science. RDS’s mission is simple:

Provide debt portfolio managers with a data-driven model to guide the portfolio management process and maximize the return on their treatment decisions. 

RDS developed two groundbreaking, proprietary analytics models that have begun to pay dividends for our clients: 

  • Paymetrix AD (Account Decisioning): identifies and prioritizes legal collection decisions
  • Paymetrix AI (Asset Identification): gives portfolio managers the power to identify previously undiscovered consumer assets. 
This white paper shows how the Paymetrix suite of advanced data analytics can be used to maximize decision-making and returns at every stage of managing a debt portfolio.

Paymetrix AD and AI are now featured within the portfolio of financial analysis products offered by LexisNexis Risk Solutions.