Mark Russell

Mark Russell

Buyers of accounts receivable management and related outsourced business services (OBS) companies seem to have bucked the trend of declining merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in Q1 2012, and instead acquired the largest number of companies in a quarter in over year: 21 transactions completed representing $700 million in deal value. In comparison, only 8 transactions worth less than $100 million in deal value were completed in Q1 of last year.

Typically, the first quarter of the year generates a low amount of M&A activity as owners and executives are focused on getting off to a good start in the New Year, and implementing their strategic growth plans.

In our Q1 report we discuss the M&A activity, market trends, and key growth areas of our three core OBS industries:

  • Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Here are some key highlights of the market trends and key growth areas covered in this report:

  • RCM is the fastest growing OBS industry, with segments of it experiencing 10-30% annual growth; buyers, particularly private equity backed healthcare ARM and RCM companies, are eagerly seeking acquisitions as the healthcare ARM and RCM markets continue to converge – see Michael Lamm’s article on this topic for further details
  • The CRM market continues to experience single digit annual growth, but there are certain segments that are experiencing double digit growth and expected to continue this trend for the next several years
  • As always, we end our report with our perspective on what the future holds within our core industries

We appreciate your interest in reviewing our report and would be more than happy to confidentially address any questions you have regarding its content, or your current business interests – please contact Mark Russell at 240.499.3804 or send an email to Mark at to schedule a call.

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