The current auditing process is flawed.

The rapidly changing regulatory landscape has made most auditing solutions obsolete. As point-in-time systems, the traditional models don’t account for operational components. Factor in that standard processes are time-consuming and resource-intensive, and agencies are continuously looking for ways to become less reactive and more proactive. To ensure ongoing compliance and account for operational considerations, it’s critical that organizations identify solutions that address these shortcomings.

TECH LOCK, Inc, a RevSpring company, is now offering TECH LOCK® Certified 2.0 – ARM Industry Service Provider to collection agencies, collection law firms, letter vendors, data providers, and more. With TECH LOCK Certified 2.0, organizations can overcome the weaknesses of independent third-party audits and provide compliance assurance to creditors, issuers, and debt buyers contracting with third-party service providers.

TECH LOCK Certified 2.0 provides both operational and data security audits that are on-going rather than point-in-time. For those using TECH LOCK Certified, it remains a premiere holistic solution while filling the gaps left by single auditing standards.

“To remain effective and efficient in today’s risk-based world, an organization’s compliance program must evolve and make changes where necessary to protect consumer or other sensitive data,” said Mike Wright, Chief Security Officer, TECH LOCK.  “TECH LOCK Certified 2.0 – ARM Industry Service Provider currently exceeds all RFP and creditor requirements.”

Problems solved by TECH LOCK 2.0 include:

  • Assessing point-in-time and providing ongoing certification
  • Assists your organization in remaining compliant even after receiving a certificate to ensure the data remains secure
  • Enacts a holistic audit that covers all applicable laws and standards, ensuring your organization truly is compliant with federal and state laws
  • CFPB Readiness Assessments to provide assurances your organization is compliant with non-data security laws
  • Includes an operational audit – sometimes called a CFPB Readiness Assessment – to provide assurance your organization is compliant with non-data security laws

On November 11 at 2 pm EST, RevSpring will conduct a valuable webinar to learn more about TECH LOCK Certified 2.0.

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