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Skip Tracing TCPA Problem for Debt Collector: Court Denies Class Certification; but Gives Plaintiff a Second Chance

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Score is Now 3-2 in Favor of Marks: 6th Circuit Adopts 9th Circuit Definition of ATDS

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ATDS Allegations Against Debt Collectors Simply not Plausible in Seventh Circuit, Says Illinois Court

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About This Year's 8 Big TCPA Stories

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Fractured ATDS Landscape: This Graphic Explains Why SCOTUS is Taking Another Look at the TCPA

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A Dark Day for Free Speech: Supreme Court Upholds Statute Supposedly Preventing Robocalls–But at what Cost?

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FCC Holds That Text Platforms Requiring Manual Number Entry Are Not ATDS Under TCPA

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What is a “System” for ATDS Purposes? Important New TCPA Decision Takes a Decidedly Narrow Read on a Tricky Issue of (Almost) First Impression

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TCPA Personal Liability Rule Narrowed? Seventh Circuit Holds Mere Knowledge of Illegal Conduct is not Enough to Hold an Officer Personally Liable for TCPA Violation

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9th Cir. Holds "Called Party" is Current Subscriber, Rejects "Intended Recipient" Approach

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Court Rejects TCPA Claim Where Plaintiff’s Counsel Knowingly Sent Revocation Letter to Improper Address

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Debt Collector TCPA Defendant Hit With $267MM Trial Verdict Rejected an $875k Demand at Mediation—is this Insurer Bad Faith?

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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the Big TCPA Supreme Court Case Oral Arguments

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11th Circuit Holds That Contractual TCPA Consent Cannot Be Revoked

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CFPB Encourages Automated Calls from Banks and Servicers to Consumers Who Need Financial Help

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Who is the TCPA’s “Called Party” Anyway?: Collector Not Liable For Calls Forwarded to Plaintiff it Never Dialed

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Court Awards $89MM Attorney Fee In TCPA Trial Win–Refuses to Reduce $267MM Judgment Against Debt Collector Defendant

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Trap for the Unwary: Express Consent under the TCPA May not be Consent under the FDCPA

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Second Circuit Holds TCPA’s ATDS Definition Includes Devices that Can Call from Lists and Not Just Random-Fire Dialers

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TCPA Repeat Plaintiff Shelton Tries His Hand at FCRA Litigation