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Landmark Victory! Debt Collector Did Not Deceive Debtor Who Refused to Give Name

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Wave of Federal Lawsuits Slam Furnishers for “Inaccurate” Credit Reporting of Accounts in Bankruptcy

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Pandemic Causes Historic Debt Collection Law Changes [Podcast]

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Three Steps Every Company Must Take TODAY To Avoid CCPA Class Action Liability

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CFPB Proposes Debt Collection Rule that Congress Rejected [Podcast]

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Common Sense Prevails! Seventh Circuit Affirms Consumer was not Harmed by Letter and Dismisses FDCPA Case [Podcast]

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Validation Notice Lawsuits: Overlooked Ruling from Third Circuit Proves Debt Collectors are Right! (Podcast)

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Credit Reporting Debts in Bankruptcy: Deluge of Recent Lawsuits Reveals Risks for Financial Industry

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Should Collectors Change the Validation Notices into Pennsylvania? (Podcast)

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An Open Letter to the CFPB: Court Rulings on Validation Notice Hurt Consumers and Collectors

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Debt Collection Drill: Federal Courts Hold that Standard Validation Notice Violates the FDCPA. Now What?

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New Federal Court of Appeals Rulings Favor Debt Collectors (podcast)

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New Consumer Strategy for Baiting FDCPA Violations, and Use of Text Messages in Debt Collection

Collectors Finally Winning FDCPA Cases: Is the Tide Turning or is Something Lurking?

A man in a suit standing on a ladder with binoculars looking over the top of a city under a sunny sky with wispy clouds [Image by creator Kurhan from AdobeStock]

Debt Collectors Hoping For Relief from Courts on Collection Letter Claims May Soon Get Clarity (podcast)

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Verbal Authorization for Recurring Payments – Ask Yourself One Question: “Do I Feel Lucky?” (podcast)

New Collection Letter Lawsuits in California and New York: What Your Agency Needs to Know Now

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First Party Servicing on Medical Accounts: The Federal and State Landscape Continues to Shift

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3 Overlooked Traps for First Party/Early Out Servicers (podcast)

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Consumers Bait Collectors With New Script to Manufacture FDCPA Claims