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Rozanne Andersen

Legal and Compliance Expert at Ontario Systems

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How the U.S. Supreme Court Just Might Change Your Dialing World

Text Messages: Elements of Terms and Conditions for Third-Party Debt Collection Industry

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A Compliant Text Message Service Begins with the Consent – And Ends with Big Results

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Start Mastering the Text Message and Make Next Year Your Best Yet

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E-Sign and Electronically Sending Legally Required Documents

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Collecting Interest on Charged-Off Debt Requires Careful Consideration

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Bargained-For Consent Might Mitigate Your Risk When Contacting Consumers

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Reduce Consumer Credit Reporting Disputes by Improving Your Data’s Accuracy with these 5 Steps

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IVR Technology - It's the New Thing Again

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4 Considerations and 13 Steps to Support Compliant Consumer Email Communication

ADA Accessibility Matters – But Don’t Forget Her Sister Statutes

5 Common Problems and 5 Easy Solutions to ADA Accessibility and Compliance

The ADA Matters When It Comes to Consumer Web Portals

BREAKING NEWS: Industry-Friendly Decision in VoIP Case

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Voice over Internet Protocol - Yesterday, Today and Back to Yesterday

Powering Up the Rev Cycle – Hot Topics for Healthcare Providers (sponsored)

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Corporate Compliance Week Trivia Quiz for your Staff

This First-Party Thing is Heating Up

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Don’t Cloud the Validation Notice: 8 Tips to Avoid Overshadowing

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Multi-Channel Communication is Our Future – Drive Yours With These 5 Strategies