I’ve spoken with quite a few compliance professionals recently. I can truly say that I am overwhelmed for you. The challenges and responsibilities facing compliance officers at all levels today are significant. Yet I get the sense that each of one you is reinventing the same wheel at the same time.

Many are saying things like,

“How do I respond to the litany of policy amendments requested by clients?”

“How do I integrate new policies into the organization in a practical way?”

“How do I work with the operations group to ensure that collectors really know all that they are supposed to know, according to auditors?”

“I just hired a new compliance professional – how do I get them to be an expert as quickly as possible?”

The answers to many challenges like this often lie with your peers who have done – or are doing – the same job as you. If nothing else, peers can validate your approach. However in collaboration, it’s possible to solve a variety of problems in a way that any one individual couldn’t see.

This is why insideARM has launched Peer Groups for Compliance Professionals. We’ll match you with a small group of your peers, and we’ll facilitate a confidential, on-going conversation for your group. This way you’ll build a trusted set of advisors who can help with the unique challenges you face now, and that you are bound to face in the coming months/years as regulations change.

If this idea resonates with you as a compliance professional, click here to learn more or to express your interest in joining a group.

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