American InfoSource LP (AIS) today announced the hiring of Alice Whitten as General Counsel at Ascension Capital Group (ACG). ACG is part of the AIS family of financial services companies.

“Alice’s role as one of the country’s most respected Chapter 13 Trustees makes her eminently qualified to lead ACG’s legal team” said Blake Hogan, President of American InfoSource. “Adding her impressive skill set to the fantastic team we have at ACG is paramount to protecting our clients’ brands in today’s complex regulatory environment.”

Since 2009, Ms. Whitten has served with distinction as a Chapter 13 Trustee in Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to her trustee appointment, she held titles of Senior Vice President-Associate General Counsel and Senior Vice President-Special Accounts at AmeriCredit Corporation and AmeriCredit Financial Services, from 2001 through 2009.

At ACG, Ms. Whitten will lead a legal department which includes Julie Linares, Kim Finley and an extensive team of legal bankruptcy specialists. The reorganization of the legal department at ACG has enhanced the review of pleadings and streamlined the legal process for files requiring attorney oversight.

By resolving matters internally, prior to assignment to local counsel, ACG clients now receive quicker results with lower legal costs. For files requiring local counsel, ACG’s refined internal process ensures sound strategies are deployed for each matter and thorough compliance and cost controls are in place for local counsel.

Ms. Whitten will report to Lawrence A. Friedman, who remains as General Counsel at AIS.

Ascension Capital Group serves as the outsourced manager of secured bankrupt accounts for many of the nation’s leading lenders. For over 25 years, Ascension Capital Group assisted portfolio servicers of automobile loans and home loans to improve key metrics for reaffirmation rates, confirmed plan values, cram-down reduction, litigation cost, reporting, forecasting, risk management, and compliance. ACG is part of the American InfoSource family of financial services companies.

American InfoSource LP is a diversified, global financial services company, leveraging proprietary and licensed information to maximize profitability of non-performing accounts and minimize risk for its clients. With its core competencies of risk management, data analytics, process design, and programming, AIS provides compliance driven solutions to major creditors involved in consumer insolvency proceedings. American InfoSource is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The Company’s operations include sites in Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Vadodara, India.


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