LOMBARD, Ill. – Stoneleigh Recovery Associates’ (SRA) employees volunteered at the 13th Annual Autism Speaks Chicago Walk May 14, 2016.  SRA employees helped coordinate, setup, and man the registration desk for the more than 20,000 participants that came to walk.  The three-mile walk around the Chicago lakefront started and ended at Soldier Field.  The walk, hosted by the Chicago Chapter of Autism Speaks, raised over $800,000 in funds to “support vital research and top-quality programs” for those struggling with autism.

SRA is proud to have been a part of this incredible event.  Jesse Sanchez, SRA’s Vice Present of Business Development, has been volunteering with Autism Speaks for the past five years.  This was Jesse’s forth year serving as the Logistics Chair for the Chicago Walk.  Jesse recruited many SRA employees to volunteer with him.  Autism Speaks Chicago Director, Mary Rios, said “Jesse Sanchez has been involved for many years and always brings his colleagues to lend a hand at the Walk.  When we see his team we know things will be done and executed the right way. We are lucky to have him as a team player, motivator, go-to person and all around good guy helping us.”

Jesse became involved with Autism Speaks when a family member had a child with autism.  Jesse explained, “I came to this incredible community as a family member seeking support and guidance to do the best for my grand-nephew who lives with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the process of becoming involved, I have met many incredible people, many of whom autism impacts. The Walk, more than any other event Autism Speaks hosts, is special to me. It is the one-day a year when families like mine can proudly step out without fear of judgement and misunderstanding.  I’m astounded to see that The Walk continues to grow bigger and better than before.”  This year Jesse had the honor of being voted most valuable volunteer on walk day!

Jesse Sanchez, VP Business Development at Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, center (in blue) with volunteers and walkers at the 13th Annual Autism Speaks Chicago Walk May 14, 2016

Jesse Sanchez, VP Business Development at Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, center (in blue) with volunteers and walkers at the 13th Annual Autism Speaks Chicago Walk May 14, 2016

“We are so proud of Jesse!!” stated Human Resources Manager Keanna Ringer, founder of SRA’s Charity Thursday program.  She continued, “by taking a stand for what matters and showing that he cares Jesse, and the other SRA volunteers, help SRA families and others living with autism each day. Giving back to the community is one of SRA’s goals. We will continue to support and dedicate our time for great causes.”  SRA is committed to fundraising, educating and spreading awareness to promote understanding about the differences that make each person unique.

Autism is a term for a group of complex disorders affecting brain development and manifesting in varying degrees by difficulty in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.  Founded in 2005, Autism Speaks is “the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and cure for autism.”  For more information about Autism Speaks, visit www.autismspeakswalk.org.

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