BUFFALO, N.Y. – The employees of Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC, an accounts receivable firm based in Buffalo, New York, collected over 1,800 cans of tuna and 75 jars of mayonnaise for local Mobile Food Kitchen, Hearts for the Homeless.

Hearts for the Homeless provides 50 to 100 people in the city of Buffalo with a hot meal each night and sends them home with a to-go bag which consists of a sandwich, as well as other food items. In 2016 they fed approximately 12,000 people.

“There is a feeling of satisfaction of knowing that when we feed people at night, they will not go to bed hungry,” said Ron Calandra, Executive Director and Founder of Hearts for the Homeless.

At the beginning of February there was an immediate need for tuna and mayonnaise as their shelves were just about empty. The employees of Mercantile felt they needed to help. “It’s because of people like the employees of Mercantile, who answer our plea, that make what we do possible,” said Donna Blarr, Office Manager at Hearts for the Homeless. “We are greatly appreciative for all they have done.”

Teams were created within the organization to see who could collect the most tuna cans and jars of mayonnaise in a two-week period. The prize was a pizza lunch.

“It was great to see the company come together to help the community,” said Jason Lehr, VP of Network Technology. “The excitement and camaraderie throughout the company showed the true kindness of our employees.”

Mercantile collected enough tuna to maintain a stocked tuna shelf at Hearts for the Homeless for the rest of the year. Mercantile plans on continuing the tuna competition each year as well as adding other competitions throughout the year to help Hearts for the Homeless.

About Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC is a Buffalo-based full service accounts receivable management company providing third and first-party collections, specialty services and customer care/service. For more information visit www.mercantilesolutions.com


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