Columbia, S.C.—Employees of AMCOL Systems, Inc., a nationally recognized leader in patient experience analytics and revenue cycle optimization, were moved to make a donation after recent mass shootings.  

“When we heard Ensemble in Mason, Ohio, had set up a fund for families of shooting victims, the employees here were quick to ask what we could do to help,” said Chip Hellmann Jr., President and CEO of AMCOL.  AMCOL works closely with Ensemble in the revenue cycle management industry.  “The empathy our team members have toward others is evident on a daily basis, but it is especially apparent in times of such human tragedy,” added Hellmann.

Employees have consistently come together to provide funds in times of crisis such as the wildfires in Tennessee, hurricanes in Texas, and flooding in their community. Animal shelters, military organizations, food banks, and children’s charities are just some of the frequent recipients of funds on a local level.

About AMCOL Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1976, AMCOL Systems is a leading provider of Self-Pay Collection, Bad Debt Recovery, and Insurance Claims Resolution services exclusively to the Healthcare Industry. AMCOL’s mission is to be trusted advisors who deliver tailored, patient-centered financial solutions to benefit their partners and their communities. ISO 27001 Certified for Information Security Management, and Quality certified through ACA International's Professional Practices Management System, AMCOL is a leader in the healthcare receivables management industry and helps their clients accelerate cash flow and resolve patient accounts quickly and within all compliance standards. Additional information about the company can be found at


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