Now in its thirteenth year,’s Best Places to Work in Collections program recognizes the most positive workplace environments in our industry.  I will be so bold as to say that every collection agency, law firm, or debt buyer with 15 or more employees must absolutely participate. By the way, participation is free.

We do not host this program because it’s a moneymaker for us. It isn’t. We host it because it’s good for the industry, and it offers participating companies essential data, gathered confidentially, about what their employees really think. You simply can't get this information any other way.

I am constantly told that one of the biggest barriers to profitability in this industry is employee turnover. If your staff is unhappy, do you think they are as productive as they could be, or that they are representing you and your clients as they should be? Of course not. But where to begin to address employee satisfaction? Your Best Places to Work in Collections results provide you with a roadmap. Please, take advantage of this great opportunity.  

Register your company now.

Compete against companies of your own size.  No need to feel that you can’t measure up against the benefits and resources of a large company, or the family feeling of a small company.  Rankings are determined within three size categories, are: small (15-49 employees), medium (50-149 employees) and large (150+ employees).

Winners have enjoyed great benefits including enhanced reputation with creditors, morale boost, and recruiting support.

It works like this:

  1. Employers complete a questionnaire on workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, benefits, and demographics. It can take about 4-8 hours to gather all of the info for this questionnaire – but hey, if it was totally simple, it wouldn’t produce meaningful results – and if you register now, you’ll have several months to pull it together. (You don't have to do this part until February. Right now, all you have to do is register your company, which takes about 60 seconds.)
  2. Employees are asked an in-depth set of questions — you choose online or via paper format; either way it takes the typical employee about 10-15 minutes to complete.

That’s it. Within about 6-8 weeks of completion, our partner, Best Companies Group, will produce a list of winners and we start to make announcements.


The process is confidential.  insideARM does not have access to any employee responses. Best Companies Group, which collects all data, evaluates, and selects winners, has no connection to the debt collection industry.  If your staff is — ahem — less than kind, nobody will know but you.  But YOU should know!

Participating companies will receive a free Employer Benchmark Summary which reveals averages on standard employee benefits and best practices reported by those that made the list and those that did not. This is a great tool to help benchmark some of the most common benefits offered compared to those of your organization.

Participants will have the opportunity to purchase the full Employee Feedback Report that provides valuable data including a spreadsheet summarizing employee feedback and written employee comments, as well as a 30-minute consultation call with a Best Companies Group survey specialist.

These reports offer incredibly valuable information at an unbelievably fair price, regardless of whether you are selected as a winner.  The value in having a 3rd party conduct this survey is that you get candid information from your employees; your HR department could never gather this type of information.  And if you chose to do it independently, you’d pay $5,000-10,000.

Simply participating will show your employees that you care, which is critical to retention.  Winning gives you bragging rights and an invaluable recruiting tool.

Learn more about the program, or register here.


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