OGDEN, UT – Payment communication software company PDCflow and call center software company PIMSWARE have teamed up to deliver secure capture payment technology. 

Through an integration with PDCflow’s Flow Technology, PIMSWARE users can now send texts and emails or call via dialer and collect secure signatures and payments from consumers – all within a single system.

"Partnering with PDCflow has provided a great value-add to our customers by allowing a fast and seamless way to securely take payments within the PIMSWARE platform," says Rachel Johnson, Business Development, PIMSWARE.

With secure payment capture, agents can take payments over the phone without seeing or hearing sensitive card information. Card numbers are entered by the consumer via the dial pad on their phone, and payment automatically reflects in the PIMSWARE collection system. 

Through this integration: 

  • All account information is merged, making it available in one place – no need to log into one tool to dial the consumer, then another to request signatures and securely process a payment.

  • Companies can offer a secure, compliant way for agents to take payments in a work from home setting.

  • Call centers can reduce fraud and limit PCI scope by eliminating receipt and storage of sensitive information.

  • Simplify reconciliation between payments processed by PDCflow and transactions entered into the PIMSWARE system with real-time, side-by-side comparison of payments posted. 

Streamlining the process of sending documents and getting signatures and secure payments from consumers turns promised payments into actual payments, reduces chargebacks, and increases consumer satisfaction.   

About PDCflow

PDCflow is a payment software that empowers organizations to engage consumers through digital communication and digital payment channels. With patented FLOW Technology, the software gives businesses flexibility and control over the secure delivery and capture of business transactions, including payments, signatures, photos and documents through digital channels.

Flexible and customizable APIs allow platforms to easily integrate, giving their users the ability to accept payments through multiple channels and electronic communication methods while keeping their software out of PCI scope. Integrators save on the cost and time of PCI compliance while still having control over their user experience.

Programming and customer operations for PDCflow’s national client base have been completed in-house in Ogden, Utah, since the company’s founding in 2003. Find out more about PDCflow at https://www.pdcflow.com/.


PIMSWARE is a software development company that provides solutions to organizations that manage large volumes of data, online fulfillment, debt collection, and call center operations.

With a focus on the debt receivables industry, their mission is to provide turnkey solutions that meet needs of organizations across various industries.

The PIMSWARE suite of products includes:

  • Debt collection system
  • Predictive auto dialer
  • Call metrics
  • Stratification tool
  • Ring-less voicemail
  • Nearshore call center services

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