PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- The fifth annual Women in Consumer Finance (WCF) conference is officially underway. The event sold out a month in advance with over 400 women from across financial services signing up for the three-day experience. It is the largest attendance the conference has drawn to date. Attendees will participate in unique networking opportunities, build authentic connections, and develop business and leadership skills while in Palm Springs.

One of the most prominent event sponsors recently told us: "WCF has become the most impactful conference in our industry, 'hands down.' I hear from my team that it is incredibly difficult to pull off what you do. The feedback is so overwhelmingly and resoundingly powerful because they come back connected with people on a personal level. I hear similar feedback from others in the industry, and it shows in how quickly the event sold out."

Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of The iA Institute and Co-founder & Chair of Women in Consumer Finance, added, "This is cherished feedback because it comes from a (male) champion who isn't even eligible to attend the event. It means that our attendees really do benefit in the way we hope they will, and they carry that value – and that message – back to their organizations."

Women in Consumer Fiance will be back in Palm Springs for 2023. The event will take place from December 4-6 and is expected to sell out again. 

About Women in Consumer Finance

Women in Consumer Finance is a community of women dedicated to building others up and sharing experiences that impact us all. The connections and bonds that are created through WCF are unique and hard to come by in day-to-day working scenarios. We provide inspiration, a guiding hand, and a support system women can leverage to recharge their careers and deliver value to their employers. 

WCF is not about compliance, best practices, or even finance. It's about women, our common professional challenges, and how to tell our own career story – no matter where we are on our professional journey. Learn more about getting involved with Women in Consumer Finance here.

2022 Conference Sponsors

By partnering with WCF for 2022, conference sponsors demonstrated a commitment to inclusivity and advancing women's careers. Representatives from each organization are attending the event.

WCF 2022 Sponsor Graphic

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