DALLAS, TX -- Hampton Pryor Group International (HPGI) and Techno Brain Group BPO ITES Limited  (Techno Brain)  have entered into a strategic relationship to enhance offshore BPO and collections in the East Africa Community (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda). This region has recently emerged as a “hot spot” for providing consumer contact and back office services, with  Techno Brain having long-established operations in East Africa. This strategic relationship will find HPGI working to further strengthen the Techno Brain 1st and 3rd party collections operations, through training and oversight, to better serve U.S. based clients. Additionally, HPGI will assist growing the BPO program. 

States Joe Adams, President and CEO of HPGI, “The countries that now perform nearshore or offshore services for U.S. clients are saturated with multiple operations which have cannibalized on each other for staff, thus driving the cost of services upward. I’ve watched this occur in India, Jamaica, the Philippines and Central America. Techno Brain is considered the premier call center operation in East Africa region, with virtually no competition and a waiting list of individuals in both countries that want to work for the company due to their reputation for training and treating employees as professionals. I have observed firsthand that the English and communication skills are on par with, or superior to, other offshore countries and the pricing is extremely competitive with other countries.”

Adds Vinay Subbaramaiah, Director, Techno Brain BPO ITES “East Africa in particular has strengthened its position to be a highly competitive destination with highly skilled and trainable youth, who constitute 60% of African population under 25 years of age.  Techno Brain Group’s expertise and experience of 25 years in Africa delivering world class services and solutions, by nurturing talented and marginalized youths  and building capabilities to deliver complex projects gives us confidence that, by joining hands with HPGI, we can offer a compelling argument for U.S. companies to consider East Africa for their call center and collections needs.”

Consider Techno Brain BPO ITES for that large segment of consumer debt and services that U.S. operations,  even with the most recent advances in technology, simply can’t afford to work.

About Techno Brain BPO ITES

Techno Brain BPO ITES, LTD., a Business Unit of Techno Brain Group (Est. in 1997) is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001: 2013, FDCPA and HIPAA compliant service provider with U.S. offices located in Naples, Florida; and state-of-the-art, 1000 + seat, operational facilities, and delivery centers in several East Africa countries.

About Hampton Pryor Group International

Since its founding in 2003, the Hampton Pryor Group has been a leading provider of advisory and consultant services internationally  to banks, credit unions, SACCOs,  mortgage servicers, credit grantors, debt purchasers and collections agencies.  We have a proven track record of delivering on our commitments to our clients, both domestically and internationally.

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