DENVER, Colo -- Harvest Strategy Group Inc. made a charitable contribution to the Abdorrahman Boroumand Center (ABC) for Human Rights in Iran. The compelling stories of the organization and its backstory are detailed on the website, The nonprofit organization is working towards peaceful transition in Iran by documenting human rights abuses and promoting democratic values. 

ABC for Human Rights

ABC works to expose the ongoing government obstruction of rights and freedoms—freedoms that one may take for granted in a democratic nation: the right to a fair trial, the right to defend oneself in a court of law, the freedom to grow up without being forcefully married as a minor, the right to leave an abusive marriage, and more. The human rights abuses extend to women, children, and men alike, with politically motivated and government-sponsored censorship, manipulation, violence, arrests, and executions prevalent in the regime under ultimate and unchecked authority given to an unelected religious leader. 

Iranian Legal Climate

“In our part of the world, these kinds of abuses may feel distant, obscure, or even forgotten. While we remain committed to local outreach, we believe in focusing on the causes that matter to us most and this is one of them. We’re mindful of the legal protections, processes, and freedoms we enjoy—and the lack thereof in other more oppressive environments. In places like Iran, lawyers are routinely persecuted. Freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial, among other civil liberties, are still not available in some countries,” said David Ravin, Executive Vice President at Harvest Strategy Group

A Larger Mission

Harvest has a three-part mission as shown below.   Social influence is one of its three pillars because businesses exist for more than just financial gain. Businesses that support social causes can have an impact far beyond their own industry or geography. Improving the quality of life for someone in need is truly a business objective worth celebrating.  

Service: To lead the accounts receivable management industry in partnerships, service, technology and the delivery of superior results.

Economic: To operate the Company for profitable growth, increasing value for our stakeholders and expanding opportunities for development career growth for our employees.

Social:  To operate the Company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in our society by supporting our local community and those in need. 

About Harvest Strategy Group

Harvest Strategy Group provides single-point-of-contact, nationwide recovery management services for banks, finance companies, debt buyers, and credit unions. The company fosters an entrepreneurial environment and encourages its staff to challenge boundaries, think outside the box, and feel a sense of ownership and accountability for results. The Harvest team’s mission is to lead the accounts receivable management industry through strength in partnerships, exceptional service, and the delivery of superior results. To join the team, apply to Harvest Strategy Group online.

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