NEW YORK, N.Y. --, the leading Conversational Voice AI solution provider in the Account Receivable Management (ARM) industry, revealed the success of its partnership with Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. an Indianapolis-based business specializing in debt collection services since 1972.'s compliant, configurable and easy-to-deploy Voice AI solution was strategically deployed to automate Eagle Accounts Group's collection efforts, enabling  them to scale drastically, increasing connectivity, performance, while reducing collection cost. 

The successful deployment of's Augmented Voice Intelligent Platform addressed a few challenges faced by Eagle Accounts Group, such as limited scalability, high agent training costs, and escalating collection costs. Delivering an impressive 18% increase in collection, a 31% rise in connectivity, and a high engagement rate of 60%, while being fully compliant. The platform paved the way for Eagle Accounts Group to transition from traditional processes and strategies, enabling them for business expansion.

“'s Conversational Voice AI solution has surpassed our expectations by catalyzing a transformation of our collection processes. Increase in collections, connectivity, account penetration and our capacity to handle a more substantial debt portfolio are proof of the efficacy of their solution. Furthermore,'s solution has contributed to an impressive rise in agent productivity,” said Ryan Johnson, Office Manager, Eagle Accounts Group. 

He further added “Significantly, this solution has played a vital role in the expansion of our business. With newer capabilities such as scalability, and improved performance, we have been successful in improving our existing client relationships and in onboarding new clients.”

The team played an instrumental role in facilitating a seamless transition for Eagle Accounts Group from their existing systems to cutting-edge Voice AI technology. This implementation did more than modernize the collection procedures. It markedly improved overall productivity, leading to streamlining of processes. As a result, it has instilled a renewed sense of optimism within the organization.

“Eagles Accounts Group was able to implement scalable processes through this partnership. Our solution boosted Agent Productivity, Collections, and Connectivity by 168%, 18%, and 31% respectively, showcasing the impact our solution can have in the ARM Industry.” stated Sourabh Gupta, Founder, and CEO of

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About Eagle Accounts Group, Inc: 

Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. located in Indianapolis, Indiana was established in 1972 and offers state, regional and nationwide debt collection services and is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection providing debt collection, asset recovery, dispute resolution, billing, pre-collection programs and court services. Eagle Accounts Group has the highest regard for the security and integrity of their client’s data.

About is the leading Conversational Voice AI company in the ARM industry, enabling collection agencies to streamline and accelerate revenue recovery.'s Compliant, Configurable, and Easy-to-deploy solution enables enterprises to automate nearly one million weekly consumer conversations. has been awarded several award & recognitions, including Disruptive Technology of the Year 2022 by CCW; Stevie Bronze Winner 2022 by The International Business Awards; Gold Globee CEO Awards 2022. is headquartered in New York City, NY.

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