POTOMAC, Md. – Women in Consumer Finance (WCF) is proud to announce that the opening keynote session for this year’s leadership summit (December 11-13, 2023 in Palm Springs, CA) will be presented by Sallie Krawcheck, Co-Founder and CEO of Ellevest, an investment and wealth management platform built by women, for women. 

A leading authority in the world of finance and a passionate advocate for building women's wealth, Sallie Krawcheck has been called both a “Top Female Founder” and “The Last Honest Analyst" by Fortune Magazine. With an extensive background in finance — including roles as CEO of Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Sanford Bernstein, as well as CFO of Citi — Krawcheck has centered her professional attention on helping women reach their financial goals. She shares WCF’s belief that doing so will improve the lives of women and have a lasting positive impact on their families, their communities, and the broader economy. 

Krawcheck shared, “We women make up more than 50% of the workforce; we direct 80%+ of consumer spending; and we have literally trillions of dollars in wealth. Yet we have less room for error in our financial planning than men do — given lower earnings, more career breaks, and longer lives. That’s why I’m thrilled to speak at this year’s Women in Consumer Finance leadership summit to ensure more of us are tapping into our financial power and continuing this conversation.”

Driven by the mission to get more money in the hands of women, Ellevest was founded on real, hard data about women’s lives, like the fact that they are paid less, stop getting raises a whole decade earlier, live longer, pay the pink tax, have more debt, do more unpaid labor, and get fewer promotions than men. The harsh realities of these factors can fundamentally change what women need to build their best financial futures. Ellevest offers digital investing, financial planning, and private wealth management, an innovative approach that uniquely meets clients wherever they are in their financial journey with holistic financial guidance.

In addition to Krawcheck’s keynote, Ellevest Private Wealth Advisor Ashley Bleckner, CFP®, CDFA®, MA, will lead a session on financial planning on December 11, 2023. This workshop will cover retirement and estate planning, investing opportunities, and more, as well as provide ample opportunity to ask questions in a supportive environment. The goal of this session, which is optional and pre-conference, is to provide a solid foundation for setting personal finance goals and investment planning.

“The alignment between Ellevest and Women in Consumer Finance couldn’t be more perfect. Ellevest wants to get more money into women’s hands. WCF wants to get more women to decision-making tables. We both provide a platform for achieving these goals that is a safe space, designed for women,” said Stephanie Eidelman, Co-Founder and CEO of Women in Consumer Finance.

About Women in Consumer Finance

Women in Consumer Finance is a leadership summit and community for women at all levels in the context of a common industry. If you work in any role at a lender, creditor, servicer, law firm, or technology or service provider, this event is for you. We provide inspiration, a guiding hand, and a support system women can leverage to recharge or advance their careers and deliver value to their employers. WCF is not about finance. It's about women, our common personal and professional challenges, and how to craft our own career journey and reach our full potential. We take a unique team-based approach to creating an emotional shared experience, which helps participants build confidence and ensures everyone establishes meaningful connections. The impact of participating in WCF is deep and lasting. www.womeninconsumerfinance.com

About Ellevest

Ellevest is an investing and wealth management company built by women, for women that provides a holistic, modern approach to financial guidance. As the experts in building and managing women’s wealth, Ellevest's offerings include digital investing, financial planning, impact investing, and retirement planning, as well as private wealth management for high net worth individuals. Founded in 2014 by Sallie Krawcheck and Dr. Sylvia Kwan, Ellevest has $1.6 billion in assets under management, and was named Best Mission-Oriented Investing Service by Bankrate. See ellevest.com for more information.


Stephanie Eidelman

Co-Founder & CEO, Women in Consumer Finance


For Ellevest:

Sunshine Sachs Morgan & Lylis  

press@ellevest.com or ellevest@ssmandl.com 

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