NEW YORK, NY --, the leading conversational voice AI solution provider in the Account Receivable Management (ARM) industry in the U.S., announced its partnership with Southern Credit Adjusters, Inc., a seasoned North Carolina-based debt recovery agency. The partnership aims to enhance the Southern Credit Adjusters’ debt collection process by optimizing and accelerating revenue recovery efforts.

Southern Credit Adjusters will leverage's augmented voice intelligence platform to increase their consumer outreach and effectively engage with more extensive account portfolios. The deployment will enable them to tackle critical operational challenges such as account penetration, establishing right-party contacts (RPC), and converting voice interactions with consumers into payments.’s conversational voice AI solution for the ARM industry automates end-to-end call operations and empowers consumers with a top-tier self-service option while fully complying with local laws and regulations. This automation enables agents to focus on more complex tasks, such as negotiating payment plans, resolving disputes, and following up on disposition results.

“AI is at our doorstep. Like email and text, the technology can be adapted to the third-party collection space with carefully thought-out scripting and user-friendly application. This technology will become second nature as the consumer becomes more comfortable interacting with conversational voice AI,” said John A Turnage, President of Southern Credit Adjusters

He further added “We expect our collaboration with will boost our agency’s capabilities, by incorporating the augmented voice intelligence platform into our existing technology infrastructure. We foresee an enhancement in our outreach, augmented agent productivity, improved RPC rates, and, most importantly, a deeper portfolio penetration to boost revenue recovery for our clients.”

This partnership highlights the growing, widespread integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as conversational voice AI, in the ARM industry, which enables agencies to tackle agent-centric challenges, enhance collection strategies, address concerns like agent scarcity and rising operational costs. Additionally, it establishes a strong foundation for sustainable growth in a dynamic market for industry leaders like Southern Credit Adjusters.

Commenting on the partnership’s success, Sourabh Gupta, Founder and CEO of, stated: “Early adopters of our solution have witnessed 100% account penetration in hours; Southern Credit Adjusters will be able to experience similar value while enabling human agents to improve RPC rates and boost revenue recovery for their clientele.”

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About Southern Credit Adjusters: 

Southern Credit Adjusters, Inc., headquartered in Rocky Mount, NC, has provided quality collection programs for many businesses since 1981. From billing to collections – their services have increased profitability for our clients by reducing their accounts receivable. Southern Credit Adjusters currently serve a wide variety of businesses, from manufacturers, IT & software, property management, professional services, distributors, telecommunications, contractors, country and yacht clubs. Visit

About is the ARM industry's leading conversational Voice AI company, enabling collection agencies to streamline and accelerate revenue recovery.’s compliant, configurable, and easy-to-deploy solution enables enterprises to automate nearly one million weekly consumer conversations. has been awarded several awards and recognitions, including Disruptive Technology of the Year 2022 by CCW, Stevie Bronze Winner 2022 by The International Business Awards, and Gold Globee CEO Awards 2022. is headquartered in New York City, NY.

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