CINCINNATI, OH - Slovin & Associates, a creditors’ rights law firm operating in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with a headquarters in Cincinnati, is proud to support its community through various outreach events. Over the last several months, the organization has specifically sought to provide relief for those struggling with both finding homes and staying comfortable within them. 

At the tail end of 2023, Slovin & Associates provided financial support for the New Life Furniture Bank’s Annual Gala for the fifth year in a row. New Life seeks to provide formerly homeless people, who are now housed, with gently used and/or new furniture donated by the community. 

During the onset of 2024, Slovin & Associates once again committed to be silver sponsors for the Great Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Owners Association Outreach Program, which provides relief to families and individuals in emergency housing situations. 

New Life Furniture Bank

The New Life Furniture Bank plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges faced by those transitioning from homelessness or facing financial hardships. Through the provision of essential furniture items, the organization not only offers material support but also empowers individuals to create a sense of stability and comfort in their homes. Slovin & Associates' financial commitment reflects a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between social responsibility and corporate success, emphasizing the notion that businesses can serve as catalysts for positive social impact.

"Our support of the New Life Furniture Bank aligns with our core values of compassion and community building,” said Randy Slovin, a partner at Slovin & Associates. “We believe that every person deserves a dignified and comfortable living space, and by supporting the New Life Furniture Bank, we are contributing to the creation of stronger, more resilient communities. It is not just about financial assistance; it's about investing in the well-being and potential of our neighbors and fostering a culture of care that extends beyond business boundaries."

Through this sustained partnership, Slovin & Associates has not only provided financial assistance but has also demonstrated a deep-rooted belief in the New Life Furniture Bank's mission to uplift individuals and families facing housing insecurities. The extended support over the years has allowed the Furniture Bank to expand its reach, ensuring that a greater number of community members can benefit from the essential services it offers.

Helping Those in Need

Slovin & Associates' commitment to the Apartment Owners Association Outreach Program holds immense significance in addressing the urgent needs of families and individuals facing emergency housing situations. As silver sponsors, Slovin & Associates not only provides crucial financial support but also lends their influence and reputation to amplify the reach and impact of the program. 

The organization recognizes the pressing importance of stable housing as a fundamental human right. By channeling resources towards this Outreach Program, Slovin & Associates actively contributes to the creation of a safety net for vulnerable community members, helping to alleviate the immediate challenges associated with housing insecurity.

Supporting The Greater Community

By aligning with initiatives that address emergency housing situations and provide essential furnishings for those in need, Slovin & Associates recognizes the pivotal role stable housing plays in enhancing individuals' quality of life. The company understands that supporting these organizations goes beyond financial contributions; it signifies a dedication to creating a more equitable and compassionate society. 

Through their involvement with programs like the Outreach Program and the Furniture Bank, Slovin & Associates actively contributes to building resilient communities, where individuals facing adversity can find the support and resources necessary to rebuild their lives. 

About Slovin & Associates

Slovin & Associates, Co., LPA aims to achieve the highest rating for creditors’ rights law firms in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana by obtaining expeditious and cost-efficient results in a professional and low-maintenance environment for their clients in the fields of collections, commercial and consumer litigation, bankruptcy, leasing and landlord-tenant law, and Fair Debt consulting.

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