WEST SENECA, N.Y. -- Landmark Strategy Group, a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management firm located in West Seneca, NY, has spent the last decade involved with dozens of Western New York (WNY) community groups, tackling issues from food insecurity to homelessness. To support its community, Landmark has spent the early part of 2024 volunteering at the FeedMore WNY Warehouse and supporting their Backpack Pack-Out Program, which assists children facing food insecurity over the weekends.

“Collaborating with FeedMore WNY epitomizes our commitment to community service,” said Mark Lesinski, Managing Partner of Landmark Strategy Group. “It's not just about addressing immediate needs but fostering a culture of compassion and support that reverberates through our neighborhoods. We're not just filling stomachs, we are helping those in need find a place of community, rest, and support.”

Supporting Those in Need

A cornerstone of their volunteer efforts at FeedMore WNY is their involvement in sorting and preparing emergency food boxes. These boxes, weighing approximately 20 lbs each, serve as crucial lifelines for many during times of crisis. With precision and care, the team at Landmark works diligently to ensure that these boxes are packed efficiently, containing essential items that can provide sustenance and relief to those in need.

Their commitment, however, doesn't end there. Landmark understands the importance of addressing food insecurity at its core, particularly among vulnerable populations such as school children. They wholeheartedly support the backpack pack-out program, an initiative aimed at assisting WNY school children facing food insecurity over the weekends.

Operating discreetly, this program ensures that students receive food-filled backpacks every Friday, guaranteeing access to nutritious meals even outside school hours. Through close collaboration with local schools, Landmark ensures the seamless delivery of these essential supplies, significantly impacting the lives of the students they serve.

Taking Pride in Community Work

Their partnership with FeedMore WNY is about nourishing hope, dignity, and opportunity. It's about showing up, standing together, and making a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most. That’s why, since its inception as a receivables firm in WNY, Landmark has worked closely with the community to ensure everyone is safe and secure, not just their employees. Throughout 2023, Landmark worked closely with FeedMore WNY to support holiday meal prep, community outreach efforts, and more. But the work in the community doesn’t stop there. Led by Mark Lesinski, Landmark is often found cycling, volunteering, or encouraging community work.

“We believe that every human deserves to live with dignity and hope and no act of kindness is ever too small. That’s why I try to lead by example and help our neighbors in need through volunteering with and donating to organizations that create an immediate positive impact,” Mr. Lesinski said. “Food and shelter are two of the most basic necessities for human survival and our team actively supports charitable organizations in our community that are effectively serving these critical needs for our neighbors.”

About Landmark Strategy Group

Landmark Strategy Group, LLC is a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management firm located in West Seneca, NY that specializes in passively purchasing non-performing receivables portfolios from credit unions and other sources. Mark Lesinski and the rest of Landmark’s executive team have a combined total of 60+ years of experience in the ARM industry and have developed efficient and compliant processes that deliver a quick valuation, streamlined purchase, and exceptional customer service after the sale.

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