STERLING, Ill. -- VeriFacts will once again be sponsoring the Run for Brain Health 5k in 2024. As the 4th annual event, VeriFacts will not only be a financial sponsor but will also be represented by its Director of Business Development, Traci Oltmans, at the race on Saturday, May 18th

“This is truly an incredible event. I am so proud of the VeriFacts team for sponsoring this run and even more excited to participate myself,” Traci Oltmans said. “All proceeds of this event will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Sauk Valley. NAMI has done amazing work in the area, and continues to be a lifeline for those struggling with mental illness across the country.”

The Race For Change

Mental health is a vital aspect of overall well-being, yet it's often overlooked or stigmatized. Events like the Run for Brain Health serve as a powerful reminder that mental health matters and that the community needs to support initiatives that promote awareness, education, and access to resources for those struggling with mental illness. NAMI Sauk Valley plays a pivotal role in this mission by providing support, advocacy, and education to individuals and families affected by mental health conditions.

The funds raised from this event directly contribute to NAMI Sauk Valley's programs and services, which include support groups, educational seminars, crisis intervention, and community outreach. These resources are lifelines for many, offering a sense of belonging, understanding, and hope in times of difficulty. 

Sponsorship That Makes a Difference

VeriFacts' sponsorship of the 4th Annual Run for Brain Health underscores their commitment to community well-being and mental health advocacy. By lending their support to this event, VeriFacts not only showcases their corporate responsibility but also amplifies the impact of the run. 

Their sponsorship enables the event to reach a wider audience, fostering greater awareness about mental health issues and the resources available through NAMI Sauk Valley. Through their sponsorship, VeriFacts helps ensure that vital resources such as support groups, educational seminars, and crisis intervention remain accessible to those in need. Their ongoing commitment to this cause not only provides financial assistance but also sends a message of solidarity and support to individuals and families affected by mental illness. 

Donate and Support

To donate toward the 5k Run for Brain Health, visit the event’s donation page on Race Roster. Each donation will 100% be committed toward NAMI Sauk Valley and will help foster a more positive and supportive community. To learn more about VeriFacts’ other community initiatives, please visit its News reel and browse through the many community articles and resources available. 

About VeriFacts

VeriFacts, LLC is the top employment location and verification service for the receivables management industry. Having been in business for over 30 years, they are committed to offering guaranteed customer location and employment verification services to creditors across the nation. The VeriFacts brand has become synonymous with high-quality service and a positive customer experience. Over the years, their services have expanded into residential location information, data verification, and unique data aggregation.

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