MENLO PARK, Calif -- Latitude by Genesys announced a significant donation to Dogs Inc (formerly Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc), reinforcing their commitment to supporting organizations that provide essential services to those in need. The contribution comes at a crucial time when the demand for guide dogs and related services is on the rise, highlighting the importance of collective support from the community. 

This donation was inspired by one of Latitude’s long-standing industry friends, Jack Brown. Jack Brown, President of Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc., is a recipient of one of the animals. Mr. Brown’s lab, Leo, was one of the few animals who had left the program for being too outgoing, leading to Leo’s adoption. 

"Latitude by Genesys is proud to support Dogs Inc and their invaluable mission," said Cris Bjelajac, Senior Director of Business Operations at Latitude. "We recognize the tremendous impact these guide dogs and services have on the lives of visually impaired individuals, veterans, and children. Our commitment to supporting this organization is about giving back to the community and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who rely on these incredible animals."

Transforming Lives

Dogs Inc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing guide dogs and other life-changing services to individuals with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges. Through their specialized training programs, they empower visually impaired individuals to lead independent and fulfilling lives, enhancing their mobility and confidence.

“Dogs Inc transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs, throughout the United States. A nonprofit with a national reach, we train dogs of the highest pedigree for people who are blind and for veterans, providing our premier dogs and lifetime services at no cost, without government funds. We've matched more than 3,100 guide and service dog teams since our 1982 inception, and currently have over 1,000 dogs under our auspices,” the organization says on their website. 

Supporting Communities

Latitude makes a concerted effort every quarter to underscore the importance of corporate social responsibility and the profound impact it can have on society. By supporting organizations like Dogs Inc, companies not only fulfill their duty to the community but also contribute to the greater good, enriching the lives of individuals and families in need.

As Latitude continues its journey of giving back to the community, its donation with Dogs Inc will most assuredly help those who rely on the guidance and companionship of these remarkable animals.

Learn More Online

To learn more about Dogs Inc and their impactful work in empowering individuals with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children facing significant challenges, visit their website at

For more information about Latitude by Genesys and their commitment to supporting nonprofits and making a positive impact in communities, visit their website at

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