The accounts receivable management industry relies heavily on technology to streamline processes and make operations more efficient. From complex communication technology like predictive dialers to cutting edge scoring and analytics, debt collection professionals use a host of progressive software and hardware solutions. Integration has become very important with collection technologies. Many vendors are partnering with providers of different services so that their technology will “talk” to each other. For example, collection software providers are now sure to reach out to dialer vendors, makers of analytics suites, skip tracing providers and letter shops so that all services can be used in a single interface.

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Where Proficiency Meets Efficiency: Credit Bureau Disputes Case Management Systems

26 July 2022

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The Top 3 Strategies to Boost Post-Forbearance Returns [sponsored]

20 July 2022

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Washington Court Sides with Hunstein Copycat; Rejects Main Industry Defenses

15 June 2022

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CFPB States That it Did Not Scrap No-Action Letter and Compliance Assistance Sandbox Programs in Connection with its Overhaul of its Office of Innovation and Operation Catalyst

9 June 2022

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CFPB Focuses on Innovation; Creates New Office and Hints at Future Rulemaking

25 May 2022

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NCLC Tells FCC “Callers Can Easily Avoid Making Calls to Telephone Numbers That Have Been Reassigned….”–But is it That Simple?

23 May 2022

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Why ARM Companies Must Operationalize Reg F Compliance Now

19 April 2022

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7 Benefits Of Implementing An SMS Plan This Spring (Sponsored)

19 April 2022

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3 Compliance Myths about Email for Digital Debt Collections/Recovery

7 April 2022

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PDCflow Partners with Debtmaster360 to Offer Fast, Secure, Digital Payment Workflows

4 April 2022

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Creditors: Four KPIs to Evaluate Digital Strategies at Collection Agency Partners Quickly

30 March 2022

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Which Regulatory Hot Buttons will Emerge in 2022?

15 February 2022

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FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel Says Ringless Voicemails Should Be Prohibited Without Prior Consent

14 February 2022

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Hunstein: Case Moves Forward; Consumer Files Final Brief Before Case is Reheard

7 February 2022

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Owners Sued After Company Dissolved: New Ruling Highlights Why TCPA Liability Doesn’t Always Die With Company Making Calls

1 February 2022

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NCB Management Services, Inc. Partners with Interactions to Power Consumer-Centric Conversations

27 January 2022

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Ninth Circuit Holds LiveVox HCI is not an ATDS in Unpublished Decision

26 January 2022

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CCMR3 Improves Customer Experience and Achieves 100% Coverage on Call Audits With Prodigal’s ProVoice

26 January 2022

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Three Things Creditors Need to Know about Email Addresses, Agencies, and Compliance Risk

25 January 2022

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Executive Q&A: An Interview with Collaborationroom.AI Founder Sameer Maini

9 November 2021