Debt collection refers to the work done to recover balances from credit accounts that are past due. Most commonly, debt collection specifically references third party debt collectors whose clients include banks, credit card issuers and other credit grantors, debt buyers, governments, and any organization that extends credit or owns an account where a balance is due. Collection methods traditionally include phone calls from call center agents, e-mails, and letters, and increasingly, SMS text. If an account remains in arrears after these efforts, the collection agency may contract with a collection attorney to file suit to recover the debt, if the collection agency is not positioned to do so.

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California Requests Feedback on Proposed Debt Collection Regulations Impacting Licensing, Reporting, and Records

21 July 2022

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Hunstein Copycat Suit Fails Where Data Sent to Vendor is Secure

20 July 2022

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Debt Collection Text Messages Not Protected by Bona Fide Error?

18 July 2022

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Open to the Public: Debt Collection Advisory Committee Meeting

18 July 2022

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Washington Court Sides with Hunstein Copycat; Rejects Main Industry Defenses

15 June 2022

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Credit Eco to Go: The Problem Solving Game of Digital Communications [Podcast]

14 June 2022

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California DFPI Proposes Extensive Rules Relating to Companies’ Responses to Consumer Complaints

7 June 2022

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CFPB Focuses on Innovation; Creates New Office and Hints at Future Rulemaking

25 May 2022

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BNPL is Primed for Growth

18 May 2022

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CFPB Says ECOA Applies to an Accounts Full Life Cycle, including Collection Procedures

10 May 2022

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CFPB Claims Oversight Over More Entities Including Fintechs; Says it Will Publish Supervisory Determinations

26 April 2022

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3 Under-the-Radar Strategies to Reduce Friction in Authentication for Digital Debt Collection

25 April 2022

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CFPB Enters into Consent Order with Student Loan Servicer to Settle Alleged UDAAP Violations in Connection with FFELP Loans

18 April 2022

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3 Compliance Myths about Email for Digital Debt Collections/Recovery

7 April 2022

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DC Protects Consumers From Unjust Debt Collection Practices Amendment Act of 2021

4 April 2022

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PDCflow Partners with Debtmaster360 to Offer Fast, Secure, Digital Payment Workflows

4 April 2022

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Creditors: Four KPIs to Evaluate Digital Strategies at Collection Agency Partners Quickly

30 March 2022

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CFPB Says its UDAAP Authority Includes Ability to Review for Discrimination; Updates UDAAP Exam Procedure

22 March 2022

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Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion Support U.S. Consumers With Changes to Medical Collection Debt Reporting

21 March 2022

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CFPB Revises Debt Collection Exam Procedure

14 March 2022