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CFPB Sets Standards for the Debt Collection Industry Through Enforcement: A Look at Hanna

1 March 2016

Michelle Singletary Offers Balanced Perspective on Houston Student Loan Arrest Case

22 February 2016

Court Rules in Favor of Law Firm and Creditor in Four Year Old FDCPA and Bankruptcy Case

19 February 2016

House Financial Services Committee Offers a Model on Assessing Disparate Impact via Report

1 February 2016

Industry Self-Policing Goes Back to 1928; NARCA Follows Suit

29 January 2016

Technology, Automation and the Coming of Age – Can the CFPB and the Credit and Financial Services Sectors Partner?

21 January 2016

Changing Times Hit Collection Industry Head-On; Addressing Workplace Violence

20 January 2016

Are You Maximizing the Value of Information Technology?

20 January 2016

Rohit Chopra Moves to a Bigger Student Loan Stage, at the Department of Education

15 January 2016

Overcoming the Two Biggest Challenges Facing the Collection Industry

12 January 2016

The Department of ED RFP – ARM Companies are in Scramble Mode

6 January 2016

Getting to the Heart of Debt Collection Policies and Procedures

6 January 2016

The Demise of the “Profession” of the Practice of Law for Consumer Collection Attorneys

5 January 2016

TCPA Case Stays Related to ACA, Campbell-Ewald, and Spokeo Continue to Multiply

4 January 2016

CFPB Settles Enforcement Action with Georgia Law Firm: Continued Oversight over the Practice of Law Expected

28 December 2015

Senators Are Wrong to Urge ED Not to Allow Collectors to Use Autodialer

23 December 2015

Does the FTC LifeLock Settlement Have Applicability to the ARM Industry?

22 December 2015

CFPB Fines Payday Lender $10M For Debt Collection Practices

17 December 2015

Should I Just Shut It Down?

16 December 2015

TCPA in Review; 2015 Was a Year of Clarification

15 December 2015