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Three Pillars of Hospital Bad Debt Management

13 August 2013

Transparency Should Begin from the Inside Out

6 August 2013

Credit Card on File: A Successful Case Study on Collecting Patient Balances

5 August 2013

Improve Patient Collections with a 'Credit Card on File' Program

2 August 2013

Patient Cost Estimating: Three Challenges to Implementation

10 July 2013

Does Better Billing Equal Better Patient Satisfaction?

8 July 2013

Bedside Collections: Growing Trend or Potential Controversy?

3 July 2013

Now Is the Time to Sign Up Low-Income Patients to Medicaid

1 July 2013

Four Ways to Prevent Accounts from Moving to Collections

28 June 2013

Ten Points Your Staff Must Know Before Implementing Point-of-Service Collections

27 June 2013

Ten Points to Winning Support for a Point-of-Service Collections Project

26 June 2013

Patient Deductibles Jump 150 Percent in One Year

24 June 2013

HFMA Unveils Peek into Proposed Medical Debt Collection Guidelines

21 June 2013

Consumers Want Smartphone Healthcare; You Want to be HIPAA Compliant

19 June 2013

HFMA Enters Debate Over Future of Healthcare

18 June 2013

If Healthcare Was a Sport, Would It Be Football?

17 June 2013

HFMA Unveils Patient Financial Interaction Best Practices

16 June 2013

Legislation Governing Credit Reporting of Medical Debt Picks up Steam

14 June 2013

IPF on Forbes: IRS Nearing Decision on 240-Day Ban on 'Extraordinary Collections'

13 June 2013

The Five Must-Haves When Selecting a Medical Debt Collection Partner

12 June 2013