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A person holding a mobile phone that appears to have illustrated white charts, graphs, and dollar signs popping out of it [Image by creator ra2 studio from AdobeStock]

How Accounts Receivable Management Companies Can Improve Payment Acceptance and Reduce Payment Processing Costs (sponsored)

17 June 2021

Image from a dictionary showing the word leg-is-la-tion [Image by creator Art of Success from AdobeStock]

New Mexico Law Targets Healthcare Collections

12 April 2021

A sea of white blocks that say "manual work" with one green ball that says "automate it!" [Image by creator iQoncept from AdobeStock]

Tratta Launches out of Private Beta to Usher in the Next Generation of Payment Experience Software

28 January 2021

Clipboard with credit report and pen [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

CFPB's Latest Report Focuses on Actual Payment Information in Credit Reports

2 December 2020

A white computer keyboard with a large green key that says "Payment" [Image by creator ArtemSam from AdobeStock]

Attention ARM Leaders: Debt Collection Payment Portals are Communications Under the FDCPA

6 August 2020

Stephanie Eidelman interviews Ed Bills [Image by creator  from insideARM]

Let's Get Payments into the Hands of the Consumer: A Conversation with Ed Bills

19 June 2020

Image of a compass with the arrow pointing towards the word "trend" [Image by creator Olivier Le Moal from AdobeStock]

Data Shows Increase in Electronic Payments by Consumers After Receiving Stimulus Check Direct Deposits

27 May 2020

A white computer keyboard with a large green key that says "Payment" [Image by creator ArtemSam from AdobeStock]

Moral of the Story: Web Payment Portals Need Time-Barred Debt Disclosures if Applicable

28 April 2020

A white computer keyboard with a large green key that says "Payment" [Image by creator ArtemSam from AdobeStock]

Pass-Through Online Payment Processing Fees are Exceptions to FDCPA, Says N.D. Ill.

7 November 2019

 [Image by creator Chris Titze Imaging from AdobeStock]

Third SEC Filing on AMCA Data Breach, Bringing Total to Over 20M Accounts Stored on Breached System

10 June 2019

 [Image by creator Chris Titze Imaging from AdobeStock]

Large Data Breach at Healthcare Collection Agency

6 June 2019

A cup of coffee, a pen, and a magnifying glass sitting on a blackboard that says "Lessons Learned" written in chalk [Image by creator Tuomas Kujansuu from AdobeStock]

Three Lessons for Debt Collectors from the CFPB’s Latest Supervisory Highlights: Amount Owed Accuracy, Disclosures, And Payment Dates

13 March 2019

4 Businesspeople in a thinking pose, each with a question mark floating above their head [Image by creator metamorworks from AdobeStock]

An Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Fees

12 March 2019

 [Image by creator Alexander from AdobeStock]

Marriott Data Security Breach Lessons: Why PCI Compliance Levels Matter (sponsored)

2 January 2019

A picture of a cell phone on top of paper dollar bills in various denominations, on a light blue wooden table. [Image by creator sveta from AdobeStock]

BillingTree Enhances, Integrates SMS Payment Solution Within Payrazr & CareView for Text, Mobile Payments

14 November 2018

 [Image by creator alexlmx from AdobeStock]

E-Sign and Electronically Sending Legally Required Documents

9 August 2018

BillingTree Showcasing Payment Card Account Updater For ARM At 2018 ACA International July 23-25 In Nashville

19 July 2018

LucentPay Partners with Applied Innovation to Offer Payment Solutions

18 July 2018

 [Image by creator Drobot Dean from AdobeStock]

PaymentVision & InterProse Announce Partnership to Provide Integrated Payment Solutions

17 July 2018

 [Image by creator alexlmx from AdobeStock]

Confused About How To Comply with Regulation E for Accounts Receivable? Legal Experts Explain (sponsored)

16 July 2018