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5 Ways the New HIPAA Regulations Change How Providers, Collection Partners Work Together

24 January 2013

CMS Notifies Physicians of eRx Medicare Cuts for 2013

23 January 2013

New HIPAA Rules Are Likely to Catch Many with Their Technological Pants Down

23 January 2013

CMS Not Backing Down to AMA on ICD-10 Conversion

22 January 2013

Four Key Healthcare Markets Poised to Make it Big in 2013

22 January 2013

The State of Florida Having a Series of Tough Times with Obamacare

18 January 2013

Feds Release HIPAA Omnibus Regulations, Will Cost Providers, Partners up to $225M

18 January 2013

Affordable Care Act: October 1 is Closer Than You Think

17 January 2013

Arizona Participates in Medicaid Expansion

15 January 2013

When Is Medicare Fraud Just Good Business? The Inspector General Wants to Know

15 January 2013

CAH II Physicians Now Eligible for Medicare EHR Incentive Program

15 January 2013

Enforcement of New CORE Data Standards for Providers, Insurers, Relaxed for 90 Days

14 January 2013

Medical Billing Practice Settles AG Action for $140,000

11 January 2013

Buried in Paper, Medicare Appeals to Go Electronic

9 January 2013

Why Healthcare Data Security is a Myth

8 January 2013

athenahealth to Acquire Medical Smartphone App-Provider Epocrates

7 January 2013

In Case You Missed It — Healthcare Daily Digest for Friday, 4 January

4 January 2013

According to Experts, Healthcare Industry Data Security 'As Bad As Retail'

3 January 2013

Medical Coding Error Leads to Media Vigilante Action

18 December 2012

Use EMR Templates? CMS Now Watching You

18 December 2012