Collection agencies often take on work from utility providers when their customers go severely delinquent on bills. It is a tricky sector since contact information is generally up-to-date, making contact easier, but cash to satisfy the debt is often lacking from the debtor (who could not afford to make basic utility payments).

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Proposed Legislation Would Allow Furnishing Utility and Phone Bills to Credit Reporting Agencies

10 October 2022

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CFPB Claims Oversight Over More Entities Including Fintechs; Says it Will Publish Supervisory Determinations

26 April 2022

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House Passes Debt Collection Improvement Act

17 May 2021

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Could CFPB’s Data Sharing Principles Make Debt Collection Better Too?

19 October 2017

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Court Says Calls to VoIP Number Did Not Violate TCPA

29 June 2017

Off the Grid: TCPA Class Action Settlement for Energy Utility Company

7 December 2016

CBE Leaders Highlight TRMA Speaker Schedule

9 September 2016

New Accounts Receivable Management Provider Combines a History of Strong Revenue Performance with a Meticulous Focus on Compliance and Consumer Relationships

6 April 2016

Kaulkin Ginsberg Offers Executive Summary on the Utilities Industry

21 March 2016

Getting to Know the Utilities Industry

16 November 2015

ARM in Focus: the Utilities Industry

7 October 2015

Does the ARM Industry REALLY Need another Conference?

8 September 2015

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16 July 2015

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26 May 2015

TCPA Plaintiffs Skipping ARM Firms for Claims, Shifting Liability to Creditors/Originators

11 March 2015

National Debt Collection Agency MRS BPO Partners with American Capital Recovery

5 January 2015

Circuit Court Rules Against Debt Collector in TCPA Decision Supported by FCC Brief

17 October 2014

Intrum Justitia to Acquire Danish Telecom Debt Collection Agency

2 October 2014

Study Shows Collection Agencies Recovering More Debt at Lower Pay with Fewer Collectors

5 August 2014

More than 35 Percent of American Adults are Currently in Collections: Report

29 July 2014