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No Complaints from Many Collection Agencies About CFPB Complaint Count

26 June 2014

CFPB Exam Leads to $747 Million Enforcement Action for Bank of America

9 April 2014

At a Glance: Responses to the CFPB Debt Collection Rulemaking Proposal

13 March 2014

On the Rise: Debt Collection Complaints, TCPA and FCRA Lawsuits

26 February 2014

House Pushes CFPB Reform, But to What End?

13 February 2014

State of the Union Tackles Student Loan Debt, and Little Else in ARM

29 January 2014

CFPB Debt Collection Questions Draw Thousand of Comments

6 January 2014

UDAAP Crackdown Should Keep Collection Agencies Alert

3 January 2014

POLL: Preparing for Compliance Costs in 2014

5 December 2013

CFPB Recognizes Cost Burden of Compliance for Small Banks

3 December 2013

PSA: Don't Shred Consumer Files

21 November 2013

Consumer Complaint Data Shows Possible (and Preventable) UDAAP Issues

11 November 2013

CFPB Targets Bank of America Credit Card Services, Debt Complaints

7 November 2013

CFPB Consumer Complaint Data Gives Compliance Clues to Debt Collectors

6 November 2013

How much is too much damage in a TCPA lawsuit?

31 October 2013

Let My Halloween Tradition Save You Money on TCPA Compliance

31 October 2013

Debt Collectors Brace for the "TCPA Cliff"

16 October 2013

Lessons Learned from Bank of America's Record-Breaking TCPA Settlement

11 October 2013

Debt Collectors “Get the Message” on Consumer Communication

23 September 2013

Hang-ups and Charge-offs: Experts Explain Debt Collection Compliance

4 September 2013