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Newsletter Archive

ARM Insider 8/25/21 -- 6th Cir. Holds Mere Confusion Does Not Impart Article III Standing, Reverses FDCPA Ruling in Favor of Defendant

ARM Insider 8/24/21 -- CA DFPI Issues Draft Rules to Implement CCFPL Provisions on Complaint Handling, UDAAP Definition for Commercial Transactions

ARM Insider 8/23/21 -- 140 Days Later: Here Are Five Things To Know (Right Now) About How Courts Are Handling ATDS Cases Post Facebook

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ARM Insider 8/19/21 -- Does Your Collection Agency Name Violate Regulation F?

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ARM Insider 8/18/21 - Utah District Court Finds Petition Clause Bars FDCPA Suit Brought Against Debt Buyer for Filing Collection Suit Without a License

ARM Insider 8/17/21 - NY Department of Financial Services announces initiative to collect and publish diversity data

insideARM Employment Brief 8-17-21

ARM Insider 8/16/21 - Hmmmm: Did the Ninth Circuit Just Accidentally End Presumed Express Consent in TCPA Cases?

ARM Insider 8/12/21 - Maine Amends Consumer Credit Code to Target Loans Made Using Bank Partnership Model

ARM Insider 8/11/21 - Justice: Court Filings Reveal How Consumer Tried to Manufacture TCPA Suit Against Credit One -- Only to End Up Owing It $286,064.62

ARM Insider 8/10/21 -- 7th Cir. Rejects FCRA Claims Alleging Insufficient Investigation Into Ownership of Debt

ARM Insider 8/9/21 -- Credit Eco to Go: Competing for the Attention of the Consumer

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ARM Insider 8/5/21 -- D.C. City Council Amends Emergency Debt Collection Bill

ARM Insider 8/4/21 -- Dont Cry Poor: Court Allows Plaintiff to Sue Employees of TCPA Defendant Directly After Company Claimed a Lack of Funds

ARM Insider 8/3/21 -- CFPB Finalizes Regulation F Implementation Date: What Your Organization Needs To Consider in Order To Be “Reg F Ready”

insideARM Employment Brief 8-3-21

ARM Insider 8/2/21 -- CFPB Reports Credit Applications Have Recovered to Pre-Pandemic Levels; Releases Tool to Help Renters And Landlords