State Collection Service is a leading early out and bad debt services firm for high-profile healthcare providers across the nation. The family-held business, founded in 1949, has earned a reputation for reliability and integrity, and is known for providing the highest levels of service and leadership. The company has doubled in size in the past five years, taxing their existing systems. They needed a provider to ensure their continued data security and compliance while assisting them as they improved their IT infrastructure.

In the past, State Collection Service had met their compliance and security requirements with several vendors and solutions. As they grew, they wanted to partner with a single provider that had deep ARM industry experience, could comprehensively assess their systems, and find opportunities for new solutions and savings.

The answer was TECH LOCK.

State Collection Service had a long partnership with RevSpring, dating back nearly 20 years. After RevSpring’s acquisition of TECH LOCK, the solution was clear. “TECH LOCK has a great reputation and history of doing what they say they’re going to do,” said Terry Armstrong, President, State Collection Service.

The Process

State Collection Service’s first step was to partner with TECH LOCK to conduct a PCI DSS audit to ensure compliance. But TECH LOCK did more – testing all systems to verify they were configured correctly and that ideal procedures were in place.

“It doesn’t matter how well you or your team thinks you are doing at data security and compliance,” said Armstrong. “There are just too many moving parts and regulations for you to handle this without outside expertise. You need a third-party auditor to comprehensively review your infrastructure and ensure you are, in fact, meeting the requirements against objective standards.”

Following the audit, TECH LOCK stayed engaged to ensure ongoing compliance as State Collection Service continued to grow. Those responsibilities included providing a comprehensive IT infrastructure assessment. But perhaps the greatest benefit of the partnership for State Collection Service was TECH LOCK’s ability to find cost savings across the company. The contract is ongoing and already TECH LOCK has uncovered a cost savings of three times the contract cost.

TECH LOCK continues to guide State Collection Service on methods for maintaining data security and meeting industry compliance regulations. State Collection Service is not only PCI DSS compliant, but has become TECH LOCK Certified, which includes HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, ISO 27002, Red Flags Rule, and more.

“TECH LOCK has become our go-to trusted advisor,” said Jim Warner, Chief Technology and Security Officer, State Collection Service.

How well is your organization meeting compliance needs and improving IT security, while also taking advantage of cost savings? To learn how TECH LOCK can help your business, click here.

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