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Senior Partner at Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

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Groups Seek "Correction" of FCC Decision on TCPA Exemptions for Certain Informational Calls to Residences

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FCC To Review TCPA Regulatory Exemptions Per TRACED Act

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FCC Reconfirms that Document Transmitted/Received as Digital Electronic File is not a TCPA-Covered Facsimile

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FCC Takes Next Steps on STIR/SHAKEN Implementation and Combatting Illegal Robocalls

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FCC Approves Call Blocking Safe Harbor

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Ninth Circuit Says No to Marks Revisit En Banc

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Arbitration Denied: Consumer Did Not "Agree" to After-Added Arbitration Clause

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FCC Approves STIR/SHAKEN Mandate and Seeks Comment on Expansion

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FCC Releases Draft of STIR/SHAKEN Mandate Proposal

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Violate the TCPA and End Up in Handcuffs?: Telemarketer to be Arrested for Failing to Stop Unlawful Calls

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Federal Robocall Watchdogs Flex Enforcement Muscles

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TRACED Act Becomes Law of the Land

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Senate Commerce Committee Approves Another Robocall Bill

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Federal Robocall Legislation Update

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California Governor Signs Robocall Legislation into Law

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Senate Appropriations Committee Sends Message on Robocalls

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FCC's Consumer Advisory Committee Adopts Robocall Blocking Recommendations

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State Attorneys General and Carriers Announce Collaboration to Stem Illegal Robocalls

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FCC Adopts Rules to Ban Malicious Spoofing of Texts and International Calls

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House of Representatives Overwhelmingly Approves Bipartisan Robocall Bill