The GFKL Group, a leading receivables management provider, has acquired Deutsche Multiauskunftei GmbH, a risk management specialist. With this latest acquisition, GFKL is expanding its value chain and strengthening its analytical approach to receivables management by flexibly and cost-effectively incorporating internal and external data sources into collection processes. A team of data analysis specialists will now be on hand to help clients optimize their credit risk and receivables management processes.

Deutsche Multiauskunftei was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The results of the study showed that the key information required for risk evaluation was held on an exclusive basis by individual bureaus and thus spread between multiple providers. By selecting and/or using a combination of suitable providers, it is possible to optimize the way credit risk is assessed and thus significantly cut down on bad debt. Deutsche Multiauskunftei has established itself as a consultancy and multiple bureau connecting platform on the German market. Unlike traditional credit bureaus, it does not have its own database of information on creditworthiness but instead acts as a central technical interface to leading credit bureaus in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. On account of its neutral position, Deutsche Multiauskunftei is able to tailor its risk management services to its clients’ individual needs.

Dr. Marcus Siegl, co-founder and General Manager of Deutsche Multiauskunftei, on his company’s integration into the GFKL Group: “A comprehensive analysis of credit checking and dunning processes is the only way to achieve optimum results in terms of maximizing turnover and minimizing bad debt. We are therefore delighted to be able to combine competencies in a way that benefits our clients.”

Marc Knothe, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the GFKL Group: “In the past few months, we have been able to successfully expand our range of services through organic growth. Integrated risk and receivables management solutions strengthen our position in terms of risk management while improving our existing products and processes in receivables management. As a result, our clients will benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of services in both these areas.”

GFKL Financial Services AG is one of the leading providers of receivables management services in Germany. 1,100 employees look after receivables volumes of approximately €20.2 billion. GFKL’s offer is geared towards business groups, banks, insurance companies, utility companies, telecommunications companies, and public institutions as well as SME companies. GFKL’s competency in receivables management comprises a wide portfolio and high quality standards. Repeatedly, Standard & Poor’s have awarded the highest Servicer rating in Germany: “Strong, Outlook Stable.”


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